The simulators that iOS can use are: Chicken Simulator ios, Black Ray Apple Simulator.

1, chick simulator ios version

The iOS Chicken Simulator is the all-round simulator game platform on the iOS platform! Support arcade, GBA handheld, FC red and white machine, SFC Super Nintendo and other palm electromechanical play simulator! Built-in tens of thousands of classic games, thousands of Chinese version of the game masterpiece, one-click download to play! The Chicken Simulator is a comprehensive free game collection that combines all kinds of TV, handheld and arcade games. Including the world-famous Super Mario, Live Football, Need for Speed, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy and other game series, it has been included in a total of 10,000 classic works, and the models can run perfectly.

2, Black Ray Apple Simulator

The Black Ray Apple Simulator is a powerful ios simulator that can fully simulate the iOS environment after installation, including mouse, keyboard, super multi-open virtual positioning, etc., and is perfectly compatible with windows system, solving computer configuration, network speed and The problem of overheating the machine.

Here’s how to install the Black Ray Apple Simulator:

Hereby: Black Ray Simulator, VMware12, image file: OSX-10.12-System-Release-v0.6, the above three software must be installed into the SSD, and the installation path must be in English.

1, install VMware12 software

Open the installation package, install VMware12, the installation path must be in English. Continue to “Next” until the installation is complete.

Please support genuine and activate the software yourself for future use.

In the Help option, select Register VMWARE workstation and enter the activation code to activate.

After activation, query the software activation status in the “About” tab.

2. Install the unlocker2018 plugin.

Open the unlocker2018 folder, find the “win-install” executable file, and right-click “Run as administrator” until the installation is complete.

Open this screen and wait for the installation to complete.

3, image file: OSX-10.12-System-Release-v0.6

Unzip this tarball (recommended under the same drive letter as VMware12). After the decompression is completed, the contents are as follows.

When you open the emulator for the first time, you will be prompted to load the image and select the OSX image in the address bar.

4. Install the black mine simulator.

In the black mine official website, download the black mine simulator.

Note: The installation path must be an English path. C:Program Files (x86)HLSimulator is the default installation path.

Install the emulator until the installation is successful. The following interface appears to indicate that the Black Ray Simulator is successfully installed.