Try the following 5 Android adventure games for weekend adventures

1. “The Silent Age Silence”

“The Silent Age” is a beautiful retro game that explores the 1972, Cold War era, leading everyone back to the cold age.

2. Broken Sword: Director’s Editing Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

The Broken Swords series is an absolute classic. You can take the plunge and load the Broken Sword: Director’s Cut game.

3. Gemini Rue (Gemini Rue)

“Gemini Action” is an adventure game that has long been popular among PC gamers. The new thriller game developer Wadjet Eye Games has made players excited in the world of hackers and weaved a beautiful name called Delta Six. The story, he was trapped in a mental hospital.

4. “Sorcerer Simon”

“Sorcerer Simon” is actually a classic Amiga game, quite kind for PC gamers in the 1990s.

5. “Unlocked Room (The Room)”

Unlocked Room is a very unconventional game, but to some extent it is the most exciting adventure on the list.