Are you looking for a spying app for a smartphone that works? Do you want to monitor the activity of your employees or kids without their permission? Well, this is the perfect product review that must read in 2019. Before starting with this TTSPY review, you need to know that this review is based on 100% working features and options.

What is TTSPY?

TTSPY is an advanced stealth application software that you can use to access someone’s smartphone remotely. You can see what application is being used on the victim’s phone and real-time access to the screen of the victim’s phone. The application comes with two modules:

  • App for the target phone
  • Dashboard to monitor the activity of the victim

You can access and control everything on the victim phone remotely and the target will never know about TTSPY as it works in 100% stealth mode.

Why we need TTSPY?

If you are running a company and want to make sure that your employees are not involved in any kind of illegal information sharing activity, you can use TTSPY to monitor and access their smartphones. You can use this app to monitor the activity of your kids too. If you feel that your kid is falling victim to bad company, you can use this app to see their messages and the activity over the phone.

Unique Features of TTSPY

When it comes to usability and effectiveness, no other spying tool can beat TTSPY. There are many useful features in the app that make your job easier in the most effective way. Here are some great features of this app:

Access everything on the Victim Phone

You have full control of the target phone and can see or control all the apps and the activities. You can see records of the:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Browsing history
  • Gallery
  • Location tracking

These are the most common features of the TTSPY app that are useful for every user. But if you want to use advanced options for better monitoring, here are some of the premium features of the TTSPY.

Live Screen

You can see what the user is doing right now by using this feature. You can get real-time screen monitoring with TTSPY.

Turn on Microphone

If you want to listen to the voices around the target, you can secretly turn on the microphone remotely with TTSPY.

Turn on Camera

This is the unique feature in TTSPY that is found nowhere else. You can turn on the target camera to see the surroundings of the victim.

Take Screenshots

You can take a screenshot anytime remotely with TTSPY.

How to Setup TTSPY?

The process of installing TTSPY is really easy as you just need to download the TTSPY app in the victim’s phone and then access the features of TTSPY app through dashboard from your computer. If you want to read the detailed guide about the installation and setup of the TTSPY app without touching the phone, you can see the other articles on the website.

Compatibility Information

TTSPY is an advanced spying app that is compatible with all kinds of devices including:

  • Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 7, 8 and iPhone X
  • All Apple iOS versions
  • All Android versions
  • All smartphones from all brands all over the world

And you can access the TTSPY dashboard from any laptop or Mac device.

Customer Service and Support

TTSPY has active customer service and support. If you encounter any issue with the installation of the TTSPY, you can contact the customer support and professional CS person will guide you about every issue anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TTSPY legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal and you can use it for the monitoring of the kids and the employees.

Does it work in stealth mode?

Yes, TTSPY runs in the background without informing the user.

How to uninstall TTSPY?

Contact the TTSPY customer support and they will guide you about steps to uninstall TTSPY.

Can the victim detect TTSPY?

No, the victim will never detect the presence of TTSPY app in the phone.


TTSPY is a complete hacking solution for smartphones and provides you extended features to monitor any phone remotely. If you value the safety of your loved ones, investing in TTSPY app can be the best decision in the era of cybersecurity.