golf cash game

Golf Cash is a tremendously popular game played on the internet. People are going gaga over it and are glued to their mobile platforms like never before. The best thing about Golf Cash is it can be played on Facebook, Android and also iOS devices with your friends or from anyone across the globe.

The fun fact about the Golf Cash game is , the simulator experience is unmatched. You will love everything about the game. The level of depth and amazing gaming experience has kept more than 10 million of gamers glued to their mobile platforms. It is one of the highly downloaded games in Google play store and this is why people are looking golf clash tips to improve their overall performance in the game.

In fact, beginners, as well as experienced folks, are looking for golf clash strategy because managing the coins and clubs is actually a serious task. No worries, we will help you out with excellent golf clash tricks which will make you a pro in this exciting game.

If you are looking for golf clash best clubs, here is a quick tip to end the confusion. The internet is flooded with the detailed spreadsheet when you can deeply analyse the strength and weakness of every club. In addition to it, you can religiously follow the golf clash reddit to know about amazing tips and tricks each day.

Tips & tricks to master the golf cash game

1.Timing is the golden key

The one shot trick to be successful in the golf clash is the timing. You should be well aware of dropping the ball, getting the ball go off the ground is very simple but it is crucial to make sure everything is aligned well.
The small needle should be located in the middle so that you give a perfect shot every time. In order to excel in this trick you might need some initial practicing but once you get a hang on it you can easily excel.

2. Explore the option of Putt

When you have placed the golf ball next somewhat near to the hole, the game is almost in your control, now you just need to putt so that the ball falls into the hole.

 A regular shot is enough, you can notice a path which will navigate you, and your ball will follow. Adjust the path and wait for the needle to align and then shoot the ball. Avoid using extra power or there are high chances that the ball can roll over the hole.

3. Use Variety of Balls

Another quick golf clash strategy is to make use of different balls, changing the ball will always provide you added advantage. Some golf balls like wind resistance or side spins can help you to score best shots and can have a positive effect on the overall scoring.

4. Connect To Facebook

If you are a beginner and are looking for the easiest golf clash tip connect your Facebook application to the game, you can easily get platinum cest totally free. In addition to it, you can also invest your friends to join. Don’t forget to keep a track on the pin chest, you receive it after 8 successful putts. Hence, get the putt done right and practice well since the card has many useful advantages.

5. Grab Those Trophies

Trophies are the secret keys to get the huge number of chests. One can get Trophies easily by participating in the tours and each tour provides you with an option to earn minimum number of trophies. If you want to earn coins, it can be done by replaying the low-level tours.

6. Watch Ads

Watching a lot of ads can be annoying but if you are getting free coins in exchange, you can definitely give it a try. This is not a great golf clash strategy but is very helpful when you are running short of coins to upgrade. The advertisement is tiny and you can use it as a short break to run the ads.

7. Get Ready To Face Difference Scenarios

Avoid focusing on only a single attribute, it is best to explore and prepare yourself for different scenarios. Maintain a good balance and take part in different golf clash best clubs. In addition to it, avoid using the automatic trajectory suggestion frequently, try to figure out the best trajectory which can take you close to the hole. Avoid using too much or less power, strike the ball with right energy so that it moves into the hole.

Final words

Golf clash is an exciting, competitive and entertaining game. If you know how to play and use these exciting tricks you can surely have great scorings. Implement these golf cash strategies and tips, apply it and get yourself on the top of leader boards. Treat the golf clash game as a way to add more fun to your monotonous life, don’t get sad if you are losing few matches. These tips will work as a shortcut key to success.