Pokémon GO is an AR augmented reality mobile game that uses sensors such as mobile phone cameras and GPS geolocation to implement “street” capture, elf, trading, collection, training upgrades and battles. The combination of virtual and realistic creativity brings a completely different gaming experience. In short, it is fun…

Pokemon GO  (Pokémon GO) is an AR multiplayer interactive augmented reality game developed by Nintendo and Google ‘s Niantic Labs (which has developed Ingress virtual intrusion iOS Android ). Players walk to the street with their mobile phones. You can go anywhere to capture new treasures, train/upgrade monsters, or enter the pavilion for battles.

Compared to the previous Pokémon game , Pokemon GO ‘s greatest charm is to connect the game world with the real world we live in. With the mobile phone camera and GPS, we will be able to play on the augmented reality picture of the real scene. In other words, we have to go out and explore in a down-to-earth manner to have fun. If you go to museums, historical sites, landmarks and other places, there will be more treasures waiting for you!

It is understood that Pokémons (monsters) will also be distributed around the world according to their own attributes. For example, fire-breathing dragons will appear more in the tropics, while water-drilling turtles will appear more near the beach or near the beach. And the game will be divided into a number of different camps, players can join different teams, different camp trainers can carry out a duel, about a few friends to go to other sites to kick the pavilion what should be very cool.

Pokemon GO mobile version

Moreover, in some places where players are crowded, there will be some large-scale battle activities from time to time, the winners will be able to obtain rare elf species, etc. In short, the playability is very high, and for the dead houses, there is just reason to Going to the door and strolling, I might have encountered female players, and then… um… there is nothing in the dead house, then…

Pokemon GO (Pokémon GO) is a free game that supports iOS and Android platforms, with in- app purchases. The Android version of the game requires a Google framework to run , and the National Bank mobile phone needs to be installed by itself. In addition, the game also needs to log in with a Google account.

It is worth noting that, until the deadline, the current iOS version is only available in New Zealand and Australia (update: the US is now also on the shelves) , China and Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and so on have to wait. You can sign up for an account in the US, New Zealand or Australia.

However, according to some players, due to the influx of a large number of players in the short term, Pokemon Go has started to “lock zone”. Some players have encountered situations where they can only log in to the game but cannot capture the elves. If you are like this, you can only hang on the IP of the local V·P·N to play . 

to sum up:

Overall, Pokemon GO using a mobile phone to make AR Augmented Reality really is a great idea ! ! It’s really worth trying to give players a completely different gameplay than before.

If the Elf Pokemon/Pokemon has accompanied you through your childhood, I believe you will miss it for a while. Well, now is the time to go out! Take your mobile phone, download a Pokémon GO, transform your trainer, and have a real life Pokemon adventure!