Language Learning

Learning a new language may be a difficult task for many people. But nowadays there are plenty of gadgets which can simplify this process. Some of the apps help to enrich a vocabulary, the others assist in grammar learning, and some of the apps help to improve pronunciation. In any case, all of them are obligatory for complex learning of a foreign language.

1#. Duolingo 

Language LearningThis app can help you with the learning of German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The program is built in the form of a tree: to enter a new level you have to score a definite amount of points. You can earn them for correct answers in the tasks: to compare a word with a picture, to translate a phrase from a language that is learned and vice versa. You can compare your achievements with other users and share them in social networks.

2#. Busuu

BusuuMorethan 70 millionsofusershaveinstalledthisappforlearningofSpanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Chinese and Japanese. The program includes lessons of different difficulties. Here you can finds cards with words, reading, writing tasks and quizzes. You gain points for every successfully accomplished task, so the studying becomes more interesting.

3#. RosettaStone

RosettaStoneRosettaStone –  it’s a language app with the help of which you can easily learn more than 10 languages, beginning from English and up to Japanese. In the very beginning the app offers a very easy task to enrich your vocabulary, later it gives you more complicated tasks with idioms and word combinations. Moreover, this app gives a possibility to practice your pronunciation and grammar skills. Rosetta Stone has its own way of studying which is based on an associative array.

4#. Babbel

BabbelBabbel – it’s just a perfect app for learning of language basics. Now there are available 14 languages for users: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. Installing this app on your smartphone you get an access to a big amount of lessons. In the beginning, you’ll be given the easiest words and rules. Each lesson lasts approximately 15 minutes that gives you an opportunity to practice any time and everywhere. There are really no disadvantages in this app.

5#. Memrise

Memrise – it’s the multifunctional app for memorizing new words. All the structure of lessons is based on vocabulary and its enriching. There is a big amount of lessons with a definite theme and you can choose the one you like the most. The way of learning is quite simple: you’re given words, then their meanings, translation, and then you’re offered to memorize them, compose words from the letters, play with them. At the end of each lesson, you’re given a percentage of correct answers. The app helps to learn new words, but what relates pronunciation and listening comprehension – its better to use other apps.

Such languages are available: English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Welsh, and Zulu.

6#. Nemo

Nemo will assist you in enriching your vocabulary and making your pronunciation just perfect. This app has a special function to improve one’s accent. You need to record yourself and compare your pronunciation with the anchorman’s one. It’s really convenient. As far as the vocabulary is concerned, every day this app gives you brand new words. And to make sure that you haven’t forgotten them, it suggests checking your knowledge at the end of a day.

This app doesn’t need the connection to the internet so you can use it everywhere.

It gives access to more than 30 European and Asian languages.

7#. Italki

EasyTenThe app has an access to more than 100 foreign languages including the main European and Asian languages. It’s a real communication with native-speakers from other countries who check your knowledge in the real time. You can appoint time of a lesson and choose topics for lessons yourself, table and connect with people. By the way, this app allows not only to learn but also to teach. So everyone has an opportunity to try himself in a role of a teacher of his native language.

8#. EasyTen

EasyTenThe app offers you to learn 10 new words every day. It’s 70 words in a week! In a month you’ll have a pretty good vocabulary. And if you choose not 10 but 20 words, the process of learning will be more effective. There are 4 tests for checking your memorizing of words. This app will be useful for those ones who just start learning the basics of a language. Such languages are available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

9#. HiNative

HiNativeOne more app that gives a possibility to learn a new language via communicating with native speakers. Choose an interlocutor, set him questions and just communicate in a foreign language. You can set questions with the help of pictures or some words. This app will be useful for ones who are going to travel. You can get in touch with a person that lives in a definite country and ask him about some tips that you should know before visiting a country. There are more than 120 languages.