Here, Upcoming Samsung Gear S4 News for Samsung plans to enter new blood pressure measurement feature in its coming Gear S4 smartwatch a patent has hinted that is best for all time.

Samsung Added This Gear S4 Features

Samsung Gear S4 could enter for blood pressure monitor. That’s new patent filed by Samsung and also suggests the South Korean technology company has figured out a non-invasive way to measure blood pressure and also enter for the light sensor, fitness trackers used to check blood pressure. The drawings are very similar in design to the original Gear watches.

Now, it is not clear this new method developed by Samsung will be able to match the accuracy used by doctors. Apple is wide to be looking into bringing blood pressure and blood measurements to future iterations of its Apple Watch wearable that is best for all time. Apple described a non-invasive way to measure blood pressure also light sensor mentioned in the Samsung patent and also Apple patent describes a method that uses a heartbeat measurement added.

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Gear S4 is likely to access to Samsung new smart assistant Bixby included with the Galaxy S8. Bixby is Samsung’s answer to Siri and Google Now also Bixby can perform a number of device tasks for you like create albums for your photographs  Samsung announced new features for Bixby during the Galaxy Note 8 launch last week.

Gear S4 faster than its predecessor and boast better battery life. Samsung beefed up the design of its smartwatch range the lightweight frame of the Gear S2 in favor of LTE mobile connectivity. The South Korean firm could slim down its smartwatch again this year that is best.