Introduction to Jeff Bezos

  • Name: Jeff Bezos
  • English name: Jeff Bezos
  • Date of birth: 1965
  • Nationality: Cuban American citizen
  • Birthplace: New Mexico
  • Employment agency: Amazon
  • Position: CEO
  • Graduate School: Princeton University, USA

Jeff Bezos was born in 1965 in the United States Albuquerque Albuquerque Quaker, the world’s largest Internet bookstore – Amazon founder of Internet shopping, “Time” magazine Person of the Year in 1999, the first successful online Retailer. The US 2000 Fortune magazine ranked the second in the US under the age of 40, and ranked one of the “25 most influential people in the Internet age ” by Business Week . “Business 2.0” magazine ranked the top 50 in the business world in 2007. This list reflects the people, products, ideas and trends that are affecting the business world . Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon Group , is ranked 12th.

Not long ago, Blue Origin announced that it will officially sell business tickets in 2019, allowing passengers to launch space travel with the New Shepard rocket. The commercial space company founded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2000, after nearly 18 years of development, finally has to turn commercial space travel into reality.

“Why is Bezos so fascinated with space?

Is there an exciting change in the commercial space sector?

I believe you can find the answer in this interview. “

Not every day you have the opportunity to interview the world’s most famous entrepreneurs and businessmen, but at the 2018 Washington Satellite Conference held in March this year, I was fortunate enough to get such an opportunity. Although I interviewed many CEOs around the world, being able to interview Jeff Bezos still excites me.

On the way to the interview by taxi, I recalled the first few interviews I made at the Washington Satellite Conference during 2002-2003. At that time, the long-term prospects and importance of the aerospace industry were still unclear. But with the addition of companies such as Elon Musk , Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Facebook, the industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. This change is most evident in the rocket launch market, where SpaceX sparked a revolution. Now, other people are also involved.

Jeff Bezos was very fascinated by space since he was a child. This is not surprising, but considering the success of Amazon, from the e-commerce crossover to the rocket launch, it still makes people feel incredible.

The interview itself was a very interesting experience. Bezos made a concise answer to my question, and you wouldn’t feel that he was wasting a word. But what impressed me a lot is that at the end of the interview, he said that we are still in the “first day” of this industry. Although the aerospace and satellite industries are not just born, Bezos clearly believes that we are welcoming a new era. I can see from his tone that these are not empty words. He really believes that the commercial aerospace field is about to undergo the most exciting changes.

Do you know “Jeff Bezos still washes the dishes after dinner! Demystifying the world’s richest man’s day”?

Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in history. According to Bloomberg News, Amazon’s founder and CEO personal wealth reached $105 billion. In addition to building online retail giant Amazon, Bezos also owns the Washington Post and an airline “Blue Origin.” So what is the daily life of this technology giant?

Bezos believes that people must have enough sleep. He wakes up every morning and wakes up naturally, never with the help of an alarm clock.

He always has a healthy breakfast with his wife, the novelist MacKenzie Bezos, to start a new day.

In order to have a good time with his wife and his four children, he never arranged a morning meeting.

Bezos does not like to have a meeting. It is said that he only meets Amazon investors for six hours a year.

When he really needed a meeting, Bezos used the “double pizza rule” to limit the number of participants – the number of people attending his meeting must not exceed the number of people that two pizzas can manage.

Bezos is sometimes tempered, but there are rumors that he has hired an executive coach to help him “moderate.”

He has established a “frugal” atmosphere for Amazon, and Amazon does not give employees the benefits of a massage or a free lunch.

Bezos also likes the mobile dining car. In 2014, he introduced Henry Blodget, the editor of Business Insider, to a very popular dining car outside of Amazon’s headquarters. “People are rushing to buy and eat, and the scene is completely out of control.”

Bezos always obeys a dinner ceremony: washing dishes. He said that this is the sexiest thing he did.

It is not clear whether Bezos has a habit of exercising. However, the photo of Bezos left in the recent meeting caused a comparison with the tough guy Vin Diesel, who noticed his well-developed muscles.

Bezos is a hardcore fan of Star Trek, and he even made a surprise guest appearance in the 2016 movie Star Trek Beyond.

In addition to watching Star Trek, Bezos has another space-related hobby: gliding on the submarine to find the old NASA rocket. He often takes his children to risk together.

Bezos made sure he got enough rest and he slept 8 hours a night.

The company has lost 10 years, but he has become an entrepreneur of rich countries.

“I want to achieve my ideals, by the way, to make money,

Even if you can’t make money, you have to achieve your dreams! ”

Whoever asks him:

“When are you going to make a profit?”

His answer is always:

“I don’t know, I haven’t thought about making money yet.

We just want to continue to burn money! ”

It’s such a “burning king”,

With more than $90 billion in personal wealth,

Beyond Buffett, Bill Gates,

Become the world’s first richest.

He is the first in 7 years

The person who drove Gates off the horse.

He is the founder of Amazon:

Jeff Bezos.

On December 27, according to Bloomberg News, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index shows:

In 2017, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had the fastest-growing net worth, with a total increase of $34.2 billion, and in October this year, he overtook the founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates. Become the richest man in the world.

Bezos’ net worth exceeded $100 billion at the end of November and is currently $105 billion.

In January 1964, Jeff Bezos was born in New Mexico, USA. In this year, his mother Jacqueline was only 16 years old, and his father Ted was just 18 years old. He was still a high school student, panicked. The two had to secretly take some money from the family and elope to Mexico to get married.

Although Jacqueline was young, the arrival of a new life made this girl grow up in an instant.

Ted is different. He has no father’s consciousness at all, and he is idle all day long. In 1965, Ted gave them a little break-up fee for their mother and son, and they abandoned them.

In 1968,

In desperation, Jacqueline,

Married with Bezos

Cuban man who has just immigrated to the United States:

Miguel Bezos.

Bezos and his mother Jacqueline


Miguel Bezos, who is the “Pan Man”,

Not only did not dislike Bezos,

Instead, he loved him to the extreme,

Feelings are even better than my father and son.

Later, biographer Brad Stone wrote: Bezos’ childhood experience cultivated his persistence in success. “Is it an unusual experience that has created Bezos’ wisdom and ambition, and is eager to prove his entrepreneurial character?”

Ten years ago, a business man was a fragrant nest.

Five years ago, literary men were all the rage,

Two years ago, the economically applicable male was freshly released.

Bezos is definitely the best of his time.

The qualities that dare to toss are reflected in him.

3 years old to remove the crib,

At the age of 14 he made an automatic door closer with a baking tray.

At the age of 16, I learned how to install a windmill.

How to use an arc welder.

Later, Bezos admitted to Princeton University, where Einstein had coached in his later years. He began his interest in physics, later transferred to computers, and finally graduated with a computer major.

After graduating, he entered a high-tech company and soon moved to a New York banker trust company. At the age of 25, he became the youngest vice president of the company.

In 1992, Bezos met his wife, Mackenzie.

In an interview, McKenzie said:

“Our office is just squatting,

I hear his laughter every day,

How can you not fall in love? ”

“If I don’t go looking for him because I am afraid of shame,

Will you regret it later?

Will! ”

Mike Kenzi thought.

So she took the initiative to launch an offensive.

Invite Bezos for lunch,

I got engaged 3 months later,

In three months, the two entered the palace of marriage.

Although this relationship seems to be McKenzie’s initiative, Bezos has long been convinced by her wisdom.

Bezos said: “I want to find a woman who is smart enough, life is too short, and people who are not smart enough to waste time.”

True love is evenly matched, and later it turns out that his decision is wise.

Bezos, who is already a senior vice president, is already the winner of life in the eyes of others. But he found that his ambition is not here, he wants to start a business.

At that time, almost everyone thought he was crazy, and advised him not to do this. Only his wife, Mike Kenzi, stood silently beside him.

“That was a very difficult decision, but I finally decided to fight. If I tried to fight, I wouldn’t regret it if I failed. But if I don’t fight, I may be suffering from this decision.”

In 1994, Bezos quit his job at Wall Street.

And his wife drove to move to Seattle.

He bet on all his belongings,

Wife and family’s money,

Launched the life of the “Amazon” company.

Companies in the world can be divided into two types.

One is to do business, the other is to be a brand,

The former is to make money, the latter is worth.


Bezos chose the second road,

And make it the ultimate.

At Amazon, Bezos’s mailbox is public ( , and users often skip the customer service department and run his “sue” directly , although those emails Bezos will not reply one by one, but he basically I will look at it roughly, pick out all the questions, mark the question mark, and transfer it to the staff.

Bezos said: “The voice of all customers is important, and consumers can act as our examiners at the same time. At Amazon, we believe that consumer feedback is a valuable source.”

Give the customer a window to talk,

It is to give the enterprise an opportunity to examine itself.

In 2010, customers found that when they browsed for sexual health products, they received an email with a bunch of ads for sex toys. So, a user wrote a letter of complaint to Bezos.

As countless times, Bezos added a “question mark” at the beginning of the message to the relevant team, which indicates that a storm is coming.

He immediately summoned the relevant executives and did not give the email marketing team any opportunity to explain.

I saw Bezos rushing into the conference room and habitually opened his head. “Hello everyone.” Then he immediately opened the knife to the client. “Now, our company has started to sell sex products?!” He is really angry.

“I hope you close this channel,”

He said that a damn mail would not be used.

We can also build a $100 billion company. ”

The mail team retorted,

Everyone else is doing this,

We can also do this,

This is nothing to be embarrassing,

And you can get considerable sales.

Bezos completely ignored their suggestions.

He went to the team again:

“Who can stand up and close this channel here?”

Although the treatment looks a bit dictatorial,

But you can’t deny that

Bezos’s approach is correct,

And focus on the long term.

“A company that makes money as its first purpose,

No chance to be a great company. ”

Although lost some of the profits,

But he shaped one,

A brand that makes the opponent respect the customer.

Serious Bezos is not the most scary. His “laughing” is the most “fear” in the employee’s heart. If the employee’s work does not meet the standards of Bezos, or the work violates the brand’s principle, Besso Sri Lanka will laugh, and such a laugh is more terrible for employees than scolding.

Even if there is nothing to be happy about,

Bezos will suddenly burst into laughter.

Even laughing at convulsions.

In his private state, his subordinates said that he was completely mad. If a colleague fails to meet Bezos’s demanding requirements, he will trigger his crazy mode:

“Are you lazy or incompetent?”

“Sorry, did I bring stupid pills today?”

“I am not going to sit down and get proof that I am this company, so that you stop questioning me.”

“Do you want to be praised if you don’t want to do anything?”

“Let me hear this idea, I will commit suicide.”

“On this issue, you have to use some human wisdom.”

Regardless of making money, just looking at the brand, when Amazon was listed in the United States in 1997, it was ridiculed by many celebrities in the American business community, academic circles and the media. They predicted that Amazon would soon be finished.

Because no matter who asks Bezos, when are you going to make a profit? His answer is always: I don’t know, I haven’t thought about making money yet, we just want to continue to burn money! He still said this until the last two years.

It is also paying attention to the ideal and attaching importance to the brand. Since its establishment in 1994 to the end of 2016, the company’s total profit in the past 22 years has been only 8.7 billion US dollars, compared with Apple’s quarterly profit of 15 billion US dollars!

But the stock valuation is the opposite: Apple’s price-earnings ratio is 14 times, Google is 30 times, and Amazon’s price-earnings ratio is 1436 times! His company, himself and Amazon, are the hallmarks of the business community.

In the Christmas season of 2015 and 16 years, Amazon accounted for 38% of the total sales of e-commerce in the United States, while the company with the second largest e-commerce market share only 3.9%. In the past 20 years, Amazon has become the nation’s largest electric power without any dispute. Business, far ahead of the competition!

Such brands, people are willing to pay for it.

“Amazon” became the first e-commerce brand on the Internet. Bezos also surpassed Bill Gates with more than $90 billion in personal wealth and became the world’s first richest man.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos’ net worth exceeded $100 billion at the end of November and is currently $99.6 billion. Bill Gates’ current net worth is $91.3 billion.

Someone makes the company very profitable,

Someone makes the company very valuable.

“I want to achieve my ideals, by the way, to make money,

Even if you can’t make money, you have to achieve your dreams! ”

An important reason why Bezos achieved such great success was his incredible intelligence and business acumen. Here are nine Bezos quotations collected by the famous US technology blog businessinsider. These quotations cover all aspects of life and are enough to show Bethus’s distinctive way of thinking and the extraordinary business genius he has.

1. About complacency: “A company should not be addicted to its own light, because it is not long-lasting.”

2. Regarding development: “If your competitor is the center, you have to wait for your competitors to make a difference. If you are customer-centric, you will be more pioneering.”

3. About criticism: “If you want to never be criticized, then don’t try anything new.”

4. About Motivation: “I firmly believe that advocates can create better products because they care more. For an advocate, a project is not just a business. His business is related to business and must be Do business well, but business is not the reason why he does this. You do something because it makes sense to you, and that is your motivation. “

5, about making friends: “Life is too short, should not waste time and make friends with mediocrity.”

6. About ethics: “One of the things that made me unhappy most was that one day when I walked through the bank, I saw an advertisement trying to convince people to mortgage their house for a second mortgage to travel. This is almost evil. .”

7, on the strategy: “In the management of Amazon, there are three major ideas we have been insisting for 18 years, they are the reason for Amazon’s success: customer first, innovation and patience.”

8. About marketing: “In the old world, you used 30% of the time to create a great service and 70% of the time to market. In the new world, this ratio should be reversed.”

9. About pricing: “There are two types of companies, one that works for price increases, and one that works for lowering prices. We will be the second.”