Humanity has a weakness. When most people are looking for a partner, they always hope that the other person is single-minded enough to be single-minded, and they often like this, and it is difficult to choose.

Most people buy equipment as well. They know that some good equipment can make a function to the extreme, but they still can’t help but spend a lot of money to do a few things. They will choose multi-functional equipment.

Therefore, for a person, a single product is the same as a single person, easy to meet, difficult to know, but once accompanied, it is difficult to separate.

The Kindle is such a device.

Amazon released a new Kindle Paperwhite in China yesterday, which has been updated quite a lot compared to the old ones. Of course, all updates must come down to one thing: it is still a Kindle, a digital hardware that is only for reading.

Because of this single function, Paperwhite’s update seems to be less obvious. After all, e-book based e-books are not very demanding. Even today, I bought the first generation Kindle Paperwhite when I went to college. It works well, and it can use almost all the software features of the latest products. It is not difficult to find some digital forums. There are quite a few old users who use older devices.

On the other hand, because you only do reading, if you read for a long time, you will not use the Kindle to do some improper use like foaming or accumulating dust. Any slight adjustments at the hardware level, magnified to a long reading process, can make a considerable change in the overall reading experience.

Is it toothpaste?

The new generation of Paperwhite is updated at four points: a slim body, a flush screen, higher resolution and lighting, and increased water resistance.

The change of the fuselage is not easy to understand from the appearance and parameters, so use the table to visually compare it.

It seems that there is no obvious change in the parameter level, but in fact the reduction of thickness and weight directly enhances the feel of the new paperwhite. The first hand feel of the whole machine is much more compact than the old one, and the basis of the body material has not changed. The next step is to enhance the level of sophistication.

Another factor that enhances the feel and look is that the screen is completely flat. The old Paperwhite’s screen is concave, and it has little effect on the touch page, but the more serious problem is that it is easy to accumulate. After the new model is leveled, the overall sense of the whole machine is still obvious, and the problem of the old model is avoided.

Another major improvement is that the backlight of the screen is added to 5 (to a certain degree of uniformity of the backlight). The screen resolution is increased to 300 ppi like Oasis, the display text is more detailed, and the new Paperwhite is waterproof as well as Oasis. , reached the level of IPX 8.

As can be seen from the comparison chart above, the new Kindle Paperwhite has been flush with the most flagship Oasis in terms of display quality, and even the body weight is lighter. Of course, Oasis is more than double the price of Paperwhite. After all, the bigger screen, the better textured metal body, the more uniform screen backlight are quite valuable, the most valuable, and the unique Oasis. Handle body design.

But there is no doubt that Paperwhite is still one of the best e-readers in the mainstream market, and is suitable as the first choice for heavy reading enthusiasts with a small budget.

In this way, the new Kindle Paperwhite is still fascinating.

Reflection after greed

After the press conference, I just had the opportunity to interview Jorrit Van der Meulen, vice president of Amazon Equipment International Business. In the interview, more than one of my media people asked such a question: It seems that this time the hardware update of the Kindle does not seem so big, is it limited by the hardware problem of electronic ink, can not reveal some future development direction.

For the Amazon, which is tight-lipped before the launch of the new equipment, even if the executives come out for an interview and face questions about future development, the answer is obviously only a sorry.

To some extent, the expectations for the future represent a disappointment for the present, but after all, I have used Oasis for a long time, and then see Paperwhite, which is bound to be biased in psychological expectations. After the interview, I reflected on my own question and found that I made the mistake of the beginning of the article. The Kindle is too high on the hardware level, and Ignore it is a device specially created for reading. Just reading the book is not just the latest Paperwhite. Paperwhite a few years ago is actually good enough, but each generation of improvement is actually better, not subversive.

Many people agree that e-readers are only divided into two categories, one is the Kindle and the other is the other. People use the Kindle as synonymous with e-book reading, and the fascination of the Kindle is not only on the hardware level, returning to the essence, or the overall experience of reading. From the perspective of Amazon, in fact, the two most clear visions are : First, regardless of the device, the experience is to serve the purest reading. The second point is to let the user find it on the Kindle within 60 seconds. Any book he wants to read.

The former’s vision needs to optimize hardware, which requires software and ecological improvements.

In fact, we don’t have to interview us. We also have an expectation for Paperwhite’s future update direction at the hardware level. It has a lighter and more comfortable grip, a larger display area with a limited body size, better display quality and faster response. But turning around, Amazon updates one or two Kindle hardware every year, but how many users are going to follow the Amazon update rhythm to replace their equipment every year? It can be said that it is very rare.

After all, the Kindle in the hands of users often has two paths, or they can live forever until the end of the hardware life, or idle, drifting to the second-hand market.

It seems that every article that writes Kindle is willing to say that people are not willing to read books. The big environment is not good, and the Kindel niche is sure.

But in fact, whether the Kindle is a niche device or not, the experience of e-book reading is getting better and better under the continuous efforts of Amazon for so many years. It is more and more convenient to buy e-books. This is not just a matter of convenience. It is provided by hardware upgrades, but through the operation of the Amazon e-book ecosystem and market training. It is precisely this point, the word Kindle can literally become synonymous with e-reading, and other competitors who are trying to catch up The core reason behind it.

As long as the character is not dead, the Kindle is still fascinating.