iOS engineers have always been such a high-powered, using a Mac computer, playing an iPhone, wow ~ ~
However, as an iOS development engineer, we must be versatile in addition to high-powered. You won’t point to UI design, don’t point to background language, don’t point to Android development… that’s impossible.
Ok, today we are not bragging. It is to add a tiger to everyone. I have been doing iOS development for more than a year. I understand that if you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your instrument. There are a lot of useful software on the Mac, some can improve our development efficiency, and some can improve our work efficiency. Today I will introduce some software that helps us develop on the Mac.

iOS development mac tool

The software introduced here is used by me every day. I record and share it here. If there is better software, I can introduce it to me in the comment area. I am grateful.

1. Mac efficiency tool

I remember that there was a software called Everything on the Windows platform. The main feature is that you can quickly locate the files you want after entering keywords. Alfred, which we are going to introduce today, has the same function as it. Of course, if you simply search the documents, you can’t call it “soft”.
Alfred is a tool that uses keyboards to speed up operations with hotkeys, keywords, and custom plugins. It is not only a search tool, but also a quick start tool, and can even operate many system functions. It is very expandable and should be used if you are interested. You can write a plugin for making coffee. Simply put, you can drop your mouse after using Alfred!

As an iOS development engineer, Xcode generates up to 1G of cached data per day. Mac users think the computer doesn’t need to clean up the trash, but the idea is good. When you find out that your computer is running slowly and often stumbles, your computer’s memory is not enough. For a computer with 128G of RAM, this is a pain. Finally one day I found CleanMyMac, a clean, efficient cleaning tool. The first thing to go to work every day is to use it to clean up the computer, so you don’t have to worry about the next day.

2. iOS development efficiency tool

Reveal is an interface debugging tool. With Reveal, we can dynamically view and modify the application’s interface during iOS development. It is similar to Chrome’s “review element” function. We can not only see the interface level relationship of iOS program at runtime, but also modify the program interface in real time. You can see the effect after modification without re-running the program.

Interface debugging–Postman

In our usual development, especially when dealing with interfaces, whether it is to write interfaces or interfaces, you must test them in advance after getting the interface. In this case, you need a more powerful Http request simulation tool. Postman is a chrome plugin for web page debugging and sending web page http requests. We can use it to easily simulate a get or post or other way to debug an interface.

Network Interception–Charles

Charles is a commonly used network packet interception tool under Mac. When doing mobile development, we often need to intercept network packets for analysis in order to debug the network communication protocol with the server. 
Charles implements network packet interception and analysis by setting itself up as a system’s network access proxy server, allowing all network access requests to be completed. 
In addition to debugging ports in mobile development, Charles can also be used to analyze communication protocols for third-party applications. In conjunction with Charles’ SSL capabilities, Charles can also analyze the Https protocol. Many iOS high-definition applications use Charles to intercept network data.

Color picking tool – Sip

Sip is a tool for full-stack developers. Users can quickly get the color value of the current position of the screen with a click of the mouse, and automatically save the data to the clipboard for easy pasting. Support for CSS, UIColor and other formats.

JSON generated data model tool –JSONExport

JSONExport is a Mac OS X application written in Swift. It can automatically generate JSON class code for the specified language, including properties, getters and setters for properties. . No matter how complex your json data is, how many layers are nested inside, the tool can convert it, which saves us a lot of time for developing the generated data model. JSONExport supports languages ​​such as OC, Swift, and Java.

Git code interface management tool — SourceTree

SourceTree is a free Git and Hg client for Windows and Mac OS X with a visual interface for easy hands-on. It is also a Mercurial and Subversion version control system tool. Supports operations such as create, commit, clone, push, pull, and merge.

Svn code interface management tool – Cornerstone

CornerStone is a very easy to use svn software management tool under Mac OS X. Of course, Versions can also be used, but it is not as good and powerful as CornerStone. 
Note: CornerStone is a fee. If the company needs to use it, it is recommended that the company purchase the software to use the copyright and support the genuine. I use the version in which the company purchased the right to use it. Of course, there are also cracked versions on the Internet.

3.UI tools

Prototyping Tools – Axure RP Pro

Axure RP Pro is a must-have interactive prototyping tool for product managers , enabling efficient prototyping, rapid drawing of wireframes, flowcharts, website architecture diagrams, schematics, HTML templates, and more. 
Axure RP Pro is designed for Rapid Prototype Design. It assists product managers in quickly designing complete product prototypes , and combines annotations, descriptions, and flowcharts, frame diagrams, and more to present designers to all aspects of the design, such as the UI. , UE, etc., and constantly improve in the discussion.

Logo Design Tool–Logoist

Logoist2 is a very good icon on the Mac. LOGO, banner, poster quick production tool software has a lot of professional and beautiful templates built in. Logoist is a production icon software for mac system, built in Logoist software. A lot of templates and materials, so users can create your favorite icons without professional knowledge.

Flat UI Design Tool – Sketch

Sketch is a vector drawing application for all designers. Vector drawing is also the best way to design web pages, icons and interfaces. But in addition to the vector editing features, some basic bitmap tools such as blur and color correction have been added. 
Sketch is created for icon design and interface design. It’s a one-stop app with great UI, all the tools you need are at your fingertips. In Sketch, the canvas will be infinitely sized, and each layer supports multiple fill modes; we have the best text rendering and text style, and some file export tools you’ll love.

UI and code conversion tool–PaintCode

PaintCode is a great, small and beautiful mac program, the main purpose is to easily convert your vector graphics into CoreGraphics code, you can easily put the code in your iOS app. (The benefits of course are reduced image usage, app size is greatly reduced, and it’s a lot easier to do it.) 
It’s not just about converting vector graphics to code, but more importantly, the images generated by these codes are dynamic. That means you can easily change their color, size, layout. Everything can be changed by code.

4. Video tools

Video Recording–QuickTime Player

What is QuickTime? QuickTime is a built-in media player with powerful multimedia technology that lets you watch Internet videos, HD movie trailers and personal media works in a variety of file formats, giving you an exceptionally high quality. Enjoy this content. QuickTime is more than just a multimedia player, it also has powerful video recording/editing capabilities. So the highlight of Quick Time is not “playing movies” but recording/editing 
QuickTime is the software that comes with the Mac, so we don’t have to download it again.

Gif generation tool — licecap

A simple and easy to use animated screen recording software. Licecap captures the area of ​​the screen and saves it as a gif animation (for web publishing) or lcf format. The software is intuitive and easy to use, flexible and supports Windows and OSX. Its design philosophy is lightweight, appropriate function, and high performance. Most of the gifs seen on the short book are generated using licecap.

Most of the software mentioned above is charged, then the problem is, is there a cracked version? ? Have it? I said children’s shoes, don’t forget that we are in the sky. 
Paste a website, most of the above-mentioned software cracked version can be downloaded here should be to love the Rye


As a programmer, we all have a philosophy, that is, how to be simple and how to be efficient (in fact, lazy). Good tools can bring us more output and increase our productivity. I hope that everyone can make good use of some tools to complete our usual development work, I wish you all the salary. .