Before going shopping, I saw the mobile promotion. There is a positioning application that is quite good. I used the status bar reasonably, made some news reminders and hidden animations. I went home and made a demo like this. The effect is very good, more than one month. I wrote it before, and I saw someone asking for it and sharing it.

  • BPStatusBar

    BPStatusBar is a utility class for manipulating the iOS status bar. Screenshots

  • JDStatusBarNotification

    JDStatusBarNotification is an easy to use and customizable control that displays reminders on the status bar. Support iOS7

  • CWStatusBarNotification

    CWStatusBarNotification is a control that alerts you to the status bar. Can achieve automatic delay disappearance

  • Loading bar

    Imitate the loading animation effects of WP7 IE. Several dots drift across the status bar, with a gradual speed effect. The real effect of Demo is much better than the gif rendering. When running the demo, tap the screen, the status bar will be hidden, and the loading bar will appear.

  • Taobao status bar effect

    Simulate the PageController scrolling effect on the status bar when the Taobao client is making a network connection. Can be used to indicate the loading or waiting state of the app.

  • TWStatus

    TWStatus can display reminders on the status bar of the iOS app. Requirements: iOS >= 5.0 ARC

  • RRFPSBar

    Show FPS Bar instead of StatusBar on iOS

  • KGStatusBar

    KGStatusBar is used to display a line of prompt text information at the top of the application interface, similar to the MailBox application. It will override the status bar.

  • FDStatusBarNotifierView

    FDStatusBarNotifierView implements the ability to display custom reminders in the status bar.

  • BWStatusBarOverlay

    BWStatusBarOverlay is a customizable status bar that supports various status bar displays, supports iPhone and iPad, and supports horizontal and vertical display.

  • MTStatusBarOverlay

    MTStatusBarOverlay is a custom iOS status bar that overrides the system default status bar, similar to Reeder, Evernote and Google Mobile App sample code: MTStatusBarOverlay *overlay = [MTStatusBarOverlay sharedInstance]; overlay.animation = MTStatusBarOverlayAnimationFallDown; …

  • Status Bar Overlay

    The status bar supports two types of click actions: 1. When the user clicks on the status bar, the status bar shrinks, only covering the battery icon on the right side of the status bar;

  • Custom status bar

    The customized status bar is overlaid on the system status bar, which displays text information in a custom status bar, hides the custom status bar, and displays the system status bar. Author @贺坤Smaile said: Before shopping to see mobile to promote, there is a positioning application is quite good, a reasonable use of the status bar, made some message reminders and hidden animations, I went home to make a dem. ..

  • iPhone StatusNotifier

    This is the information used on the iPhone to remind you in the status bar including SMS, SMS, MMS, IM, Call, Voicemail, Schedule Reminder, etc.