What platform are foreign trade friends using? I think LinkedIn is still good. After all, the number of middle and high-end users at LinkedIn is still very impressive, so it is necessary to learn how to operate your own LinkedIn. Here’s a look at the basics of using LinkedIn, let’s start with the improvement of the data!

How to use linkedin

1. Fill in the personal information

When you first register for LinkedIn, you will be asked to improve your professional profile. However, many people fill in the same job resume as they are, so the positioning is wrong. If you don’t want to change jobs recently, most If you don’t do this, what should you fill out?

Achievements: What kind of customers have reached which customers in the product industry?

Features: What are the unique features, abilities, and different things in the peers?

Evaluation: Features may be personally rated by yourself. The evaluation here is biased towards the evaluation and recognition of customers and leaders.

2, personal data optimization

Optimizing your profile is for diversion, using keywords to connect your profile and popular words to topics of interest to everyone, making it easier to search. In order to reflect your professionalism and willingness to make friends, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Keywords don’t pile too much, show your true self

Write highlights, different points

Clear keywords with strong correlation

Don’t ask for everything, just meet the appetite of the target user.

Regularly updated

3, beautify the data

Beautification is not to write something that looks good and imaginary, but to add some good texts, pictures with links to articles, videos or the like, simple text will make people feel Visual fatigue.

This looks like it is really much, there is a picture of the truth!

4. Forming a valuable relationship network

The relationship between many people is not necessarily a valuable relationship network. The main thing is to see if there is quality in Jia’s friends. How to improve it, we must start from ourselves, if you publish something that is shoddy every day. Then, you are friends who are not too high quality, so it is important to manage your personal page information.

Let me talk so much today, typing is tired, and I have time to share with you how to use linkedin to grab the mailbox.