security issues, real-name authentication and mobile phone numbers are often used on the Internet. Sometimes If the mobile phone is disabled or lost, you need to replace this information. Unfamiliar things, even if it is simple, it will inevitably take time to use it.

This post will record how to replace the mobile phone number bound to the Google account?

How to change mobile number in gmail

Required tool for this purpose

  • Internet browser

Log in to your Gmail mailbox with your Google account. There is a small downward arrow on the account in the upper right corner of the email. Click to pop up the account information and click on the account:

Click on personal info and privacy option.

Once it open then go down, you will see your all personal information including Email and mobile number.

Click on edit option of mobile number. you will redirect to below screen.

Here you can edit.. once you click on edit then it ask Gmail or I can say Google credential. So just provide credential and change your mobile number.

You can again follow same process and check if your mobile number updated correctly or not.

So hope this post on How to change mobile number in gmail will help you in your issues. If you have any other doubt or any where getting struck then you can write us in comment. we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Some services on the Internet also need to use the original number for SMS verification when changing the mobile number. Google does not need it here, it is very convenient.

If your IE is always suspended, it always crashes until you want to crash, then choose a browser with other kernels, as long as you are familiar with it.