Heating Up Of Mobile Phones

The heating up of mobile phones are quite common these days. All smartphones do. Your phones start getting warm from the time you switch it on. Sometimes the temperature goes higher than usual causing you to wonder if anything’s wrong.

Several questions come across your mind. Sometimes the overheating of phones could affect its performance and even damage the device.

The heating of your phone largely depends on the kind of phone you have, where you live and what you were doing with it. David Payette from Payette Forward says that many times when an iPhone overheats, it’s because there is an issue with one of the apps on your phone.

Let us find out some of the common reasons that cause your phone to heat up?

The Settings On Your Phone

The current settings on your smartphone play the main role in deciding how much it heats up on usage and how long the battery lasts. Your phone tends to heat up quickly if you’ve switched on features like WiFi, mobile data, hotspot, GPS or Bluetooth. The level of display brightness on your phone also decides how quickly it gets heated up.

Usage Is Heavy

Several apps can be run on a smartphone at the same time. You can go through a social media app like Instagram or Facebook while listening to music. Several other apps could be running in the background as well. 

Multi-tasking on phones will cause your phone’s battery charge to drain quickly. When it’s being operated each and every electronic component within the phone generates a certain amount of heat which means your phone will get heated up quickly when several components are used at the same time.

Charging Your Phone And Using It At The Same Time

Charging a phone generates heat. Overheating while charging could happen if you are using a charger not designed for your phone or if it is of low quality. Operating your phone while charging it could also cause your phone to overheat. The process of charging gets slower and releases more heat.

Long Conversations Over The Phone

Talking over the phone for long durations could cause your phone to get heated up quickly, especially so during summers. Your phone could end up being really hot when the already high temperature is combined with your body heat (from ears).

Tropical Summers

Hot climates could cause your phone to heat up quickly compared to colder places. Even with the minimum usage of apps, your phone tends to get heated up quickly if you live in one of the hot regions of Australia, Asia or Africa. Phones left on the dashboard of cars exposed to direct sunlight often get overheated causing your phone to dysfunction or shutdown.

So, when your phone gets heated up next time keep these things in mind. You’ll be able to figure it out by yourself if the heating up is something to worry about or if it is quite normal.