There are many tools out there that are getting used by the organizations for marketing, recruitment and growth.

Of course, it is not easy to survive in this competitive world. The competition is on rise and the organizations that are not changing with the needs of the time are withering. If you want that your organization stays intact with the latest changes and never reach a time where it has to compromise, you need to tighten your strings. It means you have to start using the tools that are important for your survival and growth.

You might be having an idea about Hackathons right?  Well, these have traditionally been used by businesses for marketing efforts so as to ensure that they can easily stand out amongst their competitors.

Though, even in this present time hackathons reserve an indispensable position amidst marketing tools for technical firms, their role has increases in different manners. They have been flawlessly integrated into the process of recruitment by start-ups as well as top IT businesses.

To hire top talent for your business, conventional recruitment parameters such as grades, interviews, or past experience do not satisfy. It is simply because of the growing of start-ups; recruitment has taken a whole fresh turn with practical problem solving skills being ever more significant. 

Businesses no longer depend on long interviewing regimes or different types of questions, resume screening and so on.  Even the applicants are tired of such types of processes that can stretch for long hours and even for days.  Now, the point is you can think about adopting hackathons for your recruitment program. It is helpful and you would know it pretty soon.

Why to use these hackathons?

These are power-packed, high-on-energy functions wherein the developers and coders collaborate for forming software projects with their fellow people and it is done on the predefined themes.

All of this takes place within a span of forty eight hours or even it can stretch up to a week at the maximum and developers and coders often go back with a job offer in their pocket. Being the employer, you would understand that an engineering degree from a reputed college is no longer sufficient and companies are looking for developers and coders who are able of bringing up effective and efficient solutions within close-fitting deadlines. Of course, in such scenarios, more and more companies are tending towards the idea of Hackathon for hiring.

It is apparent that Hackathons are quite popular amidst the graduates as they give increase to the ideal opportunity for innovative and technical minds to come together to form something fresh and exciting. These types of events fascinate the fresh -age visionary that is looking for an opportunity to work with a dynamic company that values collaboration, innovation, and autonomy in the office.

You know in such a scenario, it is not at all surprising that businesses are organizing such types of events in the organization to allow the millennial staff to challenge themselves.  Of course, when there are such events in your organization, you not just get the new talent for your organization but you also boost your current employees and staff members. They get the spur to try out new things, concepts and technologies. They push themselves to step out of the comfort zone and try something new, exciting and innovative.

Beneficial for both the organization and individuals

There is no doubt that while aptitude tests and interview are a great option, it often does not satisfy when it comes to technical businesses. Hackathons do not just permit the recruiters to judge the technical skills of a candidate, but it also allows them to know about the way they approach an issue and do interaction with others.

Organizations get a brilliant platform to not just assess candidates in an actual environment but also form brand awareness and network with many other professionals in the industry. It is especially much more efficient and effective when a firm has just formed an amazing new product and wishes the technical community to know about it. These concepts always augment your results and you get the best of everything. Whether new candidates as employees or a new inspiration in your staff, you get everything with the help of hackathons.

No wastage of time or money

In case your organization dreads to do something new because of the prior Bad experiences, you need to take things easy. You cannot reach out to the best talents and experiences unless you have the right tools and methods on plate. If you pick hackathons for the recruitment of new candidates, you would get the results in a practical shape.

There would be no wastage of time or money and the results would be there to see within the span of 48 hours or maximum by days. Since developers and coders accumulate in the hackathons, you get to know about their potential, calibre and affectivity. You can observe their work and examine their talent and hence you are all set to pick some of the most tech savvy and effective applicants for your business roles.

You might have to spend some pennies on this event of hackathon but that would be worth spending. After all, it is all about having the right candidates for the different roles in your business.  You can have the excellent results once you have the right methods at play. These events are the heroes of this present era and more and more technical companies are making the most of these.

There would never be disappointment after holding a program like hackathon. You would get to know about the talent available and the diversity that is there all over the industry. After all, the more you care for the things, the better you get the results.

Thus, it is time that you pick the right tools and methods to make the most of everything. When you invest your efforts, time and money in the right things, you get the best candidates and talent for your organization.