play pokemon go on pc

Pokemon Go is a very interesting game especially for the teenagers who have been a die-hard fan of the Pokémon Series. Pokémon Go is a unique game that enhances our imagination. It helps the user to travel to real locations with the Pokémon go game app(Android or iOS) and discover the different Pokémons in the real world.

With Pokemon Go, we get a chance to explore nearby locations in the search of Pokemon and our phone vibrates to let us know if there is a pokemon nearby. As soon as we find a pokemon we need to aim our smartphone to throw a poke ball in order to catch it. Our actions should be immediate else the pokemon runs away.

Fun right? Instead of running here and there with our smartphones it’s always better to sit and relax in our home and catch the pokemon. Pokémon Go on computer gives us this opportunity. Now we can play Pokemon Go on PC and enjoy the game in our comfort zone.

Requirements for installing Pokémon Go on PC –

To set up Pokemon Go on pc we need a windows pc and the following tools for successful installation:-

  1. Download Bluestack which is an emulator for Android in Windows and helps you get the Android environment to play the game. It’s a paid app and you need to download the APK file.
  2. Windows 7/8 is preferable for Bluestack installation as it might crash with Windows 10.
  3. Install King root, which is a tool used in android platforms.
  4. Install Lucky Patcher, a tool required to modify app permissions
  5. Fake GPS Pro which is a paid app found in play store. This app will be used as GPS in the game.
  6. After you install all the above tools successfully, install Pokémon Go on computer.

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How to play Pokemon Go on PC

In order to play Pokemon Go on pc, the below-mentioned steps should be followed:-

  1. First of all, install Bluestatcks on your pc and make it sure it works perfectly without getting crashed. Download the Bluestacks.exe file and install it. After installation sign in with your Google account.
  2. After Bluestack is installed successfully, go to Home, click on systems apps, then click on play store.
  3. Sign in with your Google account after google play store is launched on your pc.
  4. Search the Pokémon Go app in play store and download it by Niantic, Inc. Don’t start the app immediately without following a few steps after downloading.
  5. Move to Home screen, close all the apps that are running and from the top right click on the arrow pointing downwards to restart Android Engine or Bluestack.
  6. Go to Bluestack App and launch application except “Pokemon Go”. A navigation bar will be present at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click on the GPS icon present at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  8. Map application will be launched. To set the location you need to scroll the red GPS indicator to the location and click on set. Without closing the GPS app click on the Home screen button which will lead you to the home screen to start playing.
  9. Now you can start playing pokemon go on the computer by launching the pokemon Go app and logging in with your Pokemon Go trainer account. If you already have Pokemon Go account log in with your old Google id use that account.
  10. Click on accept the terms and conditions of the game if it is required.
  11. Wait for sometime to help the game load, choose your character and start playing
  12. You will find yourself in a fake location when the game starts which you have set earlier through fake GPS. If you want to move to some other location you need to go back to fake GPS and set the new location. Repeat the process whenever you are looking for a new location.

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That’s it so now you can enjoy your game and try avoiding long jumps in the game as it will reveal your fake GPS and you might be banned from playing the game. Refresh the memories of your childhood days while playing this wonderful game.