YouTube channels are not all about entertainment and music videos. There are several that are quite educative and informative. If you’re looking for an easier way to understand complex concepts, you should head over to YouTube.

Just like educational bloggers, there are quite a number of expert educational YouTubers you can count on. Once you open the app, all you have to do is key in a search query. Once the results pop up, you can choose the one that’s appealing to you.

To avoid this guessing game, you’re better off noting down the best educational YouTube channels. This way, you won’t waste time and bundles going through content to see which videos suit your needs.

Instead of spending hours upon hours trying to memorize one concept, you take advantage of YouTube videos. As you know, audio-visual learning is much more effective than reading your books.

Reading is quite overwhelming, especially when you have a lot to cover in a short time. When exams are around the corner, you can simply head over to YouTube and learn by watching. To save on data bundles, go to the library and use the school’s secure Wi-Fi network. Another resource you should leverage is online writing services. gives you access to professional writers who’ll deliver custom papers.

These five interactive and dynamic educational YouTube channels will enhance your learning experience and expose you to different materials that are not included in your course work.

1.  CrashCourse

At number one, we have CrashCourse with is a well-known YouTube channel. The channel uploads ten-to-twelve minute videos that talk about different subjects. If you want help with economics, politics, physics, astrology, biology, literature, philosophy, and psychology, CrashCourse has got your back.

As a college student, instead of blowing your data on entertainment channels, you can head over to CrashCourse and learn something new. As the name suggests, this YouTube channel aims to teach you a new concept in the shortest time possible.

Sometimes, you don’t learn as much as you’d like, even when you attend all lectures. CrashCourse understands that you need to increase your knowledge base to expand your thinking capacity. The channel offers additional tutoring for free, and each video is quite engaging.

2.   Khan Academy

Next up, we have Khan Academy, which is an extension of Khan Academy’s website. This is a free educational resource that also tutors you on different subjects. If you’re already using Khan Academy’s website, you might as well check out this YouTube channel.

Anyone who wants access to world-class education will appreciate how resourceful this website is. If you’re struggling with math, for instance, you’ll find helpful videos that break down concepts into manageable bits. It doesn’t matter if its linear algebra or statistics, Khan Academy has got it covered.

3. Thomas Frank

If you want to develop healthy studying habits, Thomas Frank’s College Info Geek will provide you with helpful tips. This is a channel dedicated to helping college students live a wholesome school life.

You do understand that studying alone does not make a holistic student. You have to nurture positive characteristics that sharpen your thinking and help you manage time. Thomas Frank has helpful tips that help you develop a winning strategy.

4.The school of life

Aside from school life, students struggle to figure out their personal lives. The School of Life is an educational YouTube channel that tries to explain life. It’s a wisdom and intelligence-oriented channel that talks about life through interactive videos.

5. PragerU

Weird name, right? Well, PragerU is all about bringing together the world’s most forward thinkers. The channel uploads five-minute videos that address a wide variety of topics. Whether it is history, happiness, or economics, you’ll find it here.


There you have it! Five YouTube videos that shed light on different topics you encounter as a college student.