How to delete system32 on my PC

If you are windows users, then you must have to know that the Windows has stored most essential files inside the “System32” folder. So, if you are deleting the system32 folder on your windows 10 pc will cause the operating system to become highly unstable. If you are decided to delete “System32” folder then here’s the way and informative guide that you can easy to do!

How can I delete system32 on my PC

1#: First of all navigate to “Start,” menu and type “cmd” and press the “Ctrl,” “Shift” and “Enter” keys together to load the Command Prompt console with administrative privileges.

2#: Now Type “takedown /f C:\Windows\System32” and press “Enter” to take ownership of the System32 folder.

3#: Now again Type “Icacls C:\Windows\System32 ” and press “Enter” to give yourself rights to delete the “System32” folder.

4#: In the last Close the Command Prompt console by typing “Exit” and then pressing “Enter.”

Steps to delete system32 Folder:

1#: First Off all, Close all applications that are running on your computer.

2#: And Double-tap, the “Computer” icon on the Windows desktop, to open “Windows Explorer.”

3#: Go to the Local Disk C:” and then enter the folder labeled “Windows.”

4#: See the folder labeled “System32” to click on it.

5#: Now Press the “Shift” and “Del” keys together and click “Yes” on the “Delete Folder” confirmation dialog box to delete the “System32” folder. Click “Yes to All” on any “File Delete” dialog boxes that you encounter during the file deletion process.

That’s it.

Now you successfully delete system32 on your PC. if any query related this topic then comment it. Did you find this article worth? Do let us know your views here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.