Let there be any event whether large or small, your event must shine and your company should have a solution for creating a striking and eye-catching presence at events. We offer numerous possibilities for the companies looking for the perfect work tent.

You can solve an event whatsoever a sports event, corporate party, exhibition, product launch or even a winter event. Our tents offer you value for money for those needing a temporary structure. O.B.Wiik is one of the leading suppliers of all kinds of tents and we specialize in event tents to meet our growing client’s needs. Our products are committed to following the environmental policy and our products are recyclable. Every day we work to find newer and better solutions for your space. Our event tents offer limitless possibilities for customization and boosting your brand potential.

Our event tents will suit the space for your shop floor. We take care of several aspects while designing tents. They are simple to operate, carry minimum weight, have the ease of setup and come in small packaging sizes. We are focussed on serving the customer, by providing the tents which are highest in quality and best in value. When you are not sure about the right tent you can look for customization, as we have an experienced team that is keen to share its expertise and help design bespoke event tents just for you. We also offer free consultation or a site visit to discuss your event with you and help you make the event stand out from the rest. Our company fulfills orders for the most prestigious events and equally for trade shows and exhibitions. You would only need a large surface area, plenty of space and our event tent for hosting your event.

The tents are built by experienced Nordic professionals who understand the climate and needs of the user. It can withstand the rough weather conditions and the tent is well suited to professional users carrying strict quality requirements. The tents being flexible can accommodate a wide range of solutions. Having designed, supplied and manufactured quality marquees and accessories we use the same expertise in advising other hire companies giving them the specific information. You may use accessories to improve tent stability and use additional safety features. The time required to assemble a tent depends on its complexity.

It is important to clean and inspect the fabric regularly to make it sturdy against environmental influences. The minor wear and tear can be mended using the repair set, if the damage is observed during cleaning then it must be repaired promptly. We readily provide you support in case the components of your event tent are damaged significantly.

The frame tents make use of strong aluminum frames and fire-resistant PVC sheets. We directly dispatch your order causing no delay once the order is received. The delivery is fast while you may track your order online using the product order number. Choose your quality event tent from our wide range of tents to make all the difference and the event the most successful one.