Best Wireless Mouse In 2018 [Top Rated]


Many people today are into technology and high tech gadgets. These gadgets include computers and laptops wherein innovation and improvements take place consistently. As technology advances, people desire and somehow demand more features from these gadgets. This is why producers and designers create a vast list of the best wireless mouse that one can purchase from the market. Choosing the best wireless mouse from a long list of gadgets in different stores might be a bit tough. One would need to check on the prices, the reviews and especially the features of such gadgets. Thus, before visiting numerous stores, it is advisable to check first some computer mice reviews to get to know what the mice’s features are beforehand. By this, it includes some wireless mice reviews and gaming mice reviews.

Choosing the Best Wireless Mouse In 2018

Reliable Brands

There are a lot of points to consider in choosing the best mouse that you prefer. Because there are a lot of brands and models to choose from, it is advisable for one to get to know the most outstanding wireless and gaming mice brands available in the market today. Three of these brands are the following: Logitech, Microsoft, and Apple. Moreover, one of the many brilliant creations of Logitech is the Logitech Performance Mouse MX. Check on the product’s reviews to learn more of its features and uniqueness.

Points to Consider when Choosing a Mouse

Searching for the best wireless mouse indeed takes time and effort. Unlike that typical wired mouse, wireless mice differ in a lot of things. By this, the most important matter to check on a wireless mouse is its connection to the laptop. Usually, it is connected by Bluetooth and just like cell phones, Bluetooth connections also differ from one another.  This means that there are certain Bluetooth connections that are faster and stronger than others. Today, there are seven versions of Bluetooth where version 4.0 is the latest and the most advanced. Always check on the Bluetooth connection type before choosing your preferred mouse.

Furthermore, when choosing a mouse, never forget to check on the mouse’s palm/claw and fingertip grip. For people who use the gadget often, the palm and the claw grip is reasonably aspect in specifying the level of comfort the mouse gives. Not all computer mouse have the same sizes and shapes, so do not forget to check and specify what you want. Another aspect to consider is the sensitivity of the mouse. For those who are into image editing and gaming, the higher the sensitivity of the mouse is, the better it becomes. So to make sure you purchase the right mouse for you, never hesitate to try it and feel it.

Searching for Gaming Mice

Other than wireless mice, gaming mice are also in high demand. It is undeniable that online games are now rampant and that as the games become more advanced, the need to use more innovative gaming mice becomes stronger. Just like in wireless mouse, there are also gaming mouse reviews that interested buyers could check out. However, choosing a gaming mouse can also be as hard as looking for a wireless mouse. One needs to check on its grip, sensitivity, size, shape, and most especially its functions (buttons). However, never rely on the price of the mouse for its capacities. The gadget’s price does not always define what the device can do and cannot do.

Other than getting to know the prices, features, and reviews of your prospective mice, it is also beneficial to learn and be informed from press releases that bring fresh news about gadgets and what technology has recently brought to the market. For more information on the best wireless mice in the market, you can rely on our reviews. Rest assured that these reviews will be able to provide up to date details about newly released gadgets and wireless, wired and gaming mice.

Logitech, which has long been one of the better known and most respected names in computer accessories, has launched a brand new technology with their Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX.  It’s called Darkfield Laser Technology and it’s available with the all-new Performance Mouse MX as well as the Anywhere Mouse MX.  The Performance MX is a full-sized wireless unit while the Anywhere MX is a smaller, ‘portable’ wireless model.  Both are unique in the industry.

While there are thousands of computer mice available on the market, these are the only two made to work on any surface without employing the use of a mouse pad.  Excellent includes glass tables, polished stone countertops, highly polished wood surfaces and even carpeting. Covers that leave other mouse cursors jumping or just plain immovable are no problem with the Darkfield system.

But that’s just the beginning for this top end cordless mouse.  Other features of the Performance Mouse MX include:

  • Sculpted, ergonomic design which makes it extremely comfortable to use even over long periods of time
  • Convenient placement of buttons including several that are programmable and a ‘stealth’ thumb button covered by the rubber grip
  • Easy to use recharging system that plugs into the USB port or a wall outlet and can be utilized even while the mouse is being used
  • Extremely small ‘unifying’ receiver that plugs into a port and then stays there for good.  a will control multiple wireless Logitech devices without the need to add additional receivers
  • Hyper-fast scrolling wheel that lets you fly through long documents or shift to a slow line-by-line navigation function.  The nearly frictionless wheel also clicks left and right for side scrolling
  • Smooth, precise tracking quality cursor movement

The Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX is a full-sized desktop mouse that operates on a 2.4 GHz signal, which is especially beneficial when operating your mouse in large wireless environments such as airports.  The variety of both programmed and customizable buttons is handy for your specific preferences.  These buttons are also well placed and spaced on the unit, making them easy to locate but not too easy to press accidentally.

While this mouse may seem a little hefty in price with its suggested manufacturer’s retail price at $99, deals can indeed be found if you’re looking.  As of this minute, Amazon is offering a 29% discount and, at under $72 it seems even better!

The Good:
  • Tracks on nearly any surface, including glass
  • Feels great and is very comfortable
  • Tiny receiver is plug-and-forget
  • No downtime since it can be used while recharging
The Bad:
  • Somewhat expensive compared to other mice
  • Some people with smaller hands have complained that sure button placement causes a bit too much stretch for them

All things are taken into account, with the hyper-scrolling, comfortable grip, superb combination of buttons and excellent tracking, the Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX already has a lot going for it.  Add to that the ability to use it anywhere, including the glass desktop in your hotel room or the granite countertop in your kitchen and it’s a sure winner. Try one out to see how it feels to you!

With Logitech’s new Darkfield Laser Technology on board, the Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX can go where no mouse has gone before, which can be very handy.  It’s the perfect mouse for your laptop although, with its small design, it might even be preferable to a small-handed person than its big brother, the Performance MX, even as a desktop unit.  Both of these mice use the Darkfield technology and are, in fact, the only two in the world that do.  They’re quite good.

So what’s the big deal about the Darkfield Laser thing?  It’s what puts the ‘anywhere’ in the Anywhere Mouse MX’s name!  After five years of research and development, Logitech has come up with a mouse that can track virtually anywhere.  It far surpasses the old roller-ball method and even the newer laser tracking design.

This mouse can go where other mice cannot and track just as smoothly and accurately as you would expect from Logitech’s best wireless laptop-pointing device.  This includes reflective stone surfaces such as marble and granite countertops, lacquered wood surfaces and even glass.  Glass-top hotel desks and conference room tables that leave any other mouse stuttering or mute are no problem for the Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX.  This, however, is only one of the many features and functions that make this mouse so popular.


The Anywhere MX wireless operates on a 2.4 GHz signal that is especially useful in places where there is a lot of wireless traffic, such as in airports.  If uses two AA batteries which should be good for about three months.  The tiny receiver for the unit is so small that, once plugged into a USB port, it can be virtually forgotten, even during transport.  It’s called a ‘unifying’ receiver because of its ability to accept up to six wireless Logitech devices simultaneously.


This mouse looks good, feels good and is comfortable to use even over extended periods of time.  Because it’s compact, it fits even smaller hands well and is easy to slip into your laptop bag, even in a small pocket.  It comes with its own soft, protective carrying pouch.  Buttons are conveniently placed and easy to operate.


The Anywhere Mouse makes scrolling through long documents a breeze.  You click the button below the scrolling wheel and with one spin you can search through dozens of pages.  Touch the wheel again and it stops on a dime.  Click the button again and you’re back to line-by-line navigation.  Once you use this function, you’ll never want to use a mouse without it again.

The Good:

  • Sculpted, ergonomic design is uncompromisingly comfortable to use
  • Dual-mode scrolling wheel is awesome
  • One of the highest rated mice on the market
The Bad:
  • Made for right-hand use only
  • More expensive than most laptop mice

This is a perfect mouse.  The Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX is everything you’d expect and then some.  The eighty-dollar list price can be beaten if you look.  In fact, it can be found at a 25% discount on some favourite sites!

Designed for Business works:

If you are searching for a high-tech yet easy to use the wireless mouse, then the Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 might be a good prospect for you. This is made for long hours of work with convenience. With its specifications and physical attributes, this Logitech mouse becomes one of the most appropriate gadgets for business and computer works. The mouse will allow you to forget about gadget downfalls and will let you work as swift and smooth as you want it to be.

The M705 ensures handiness and swift for busy working people. Equipped with its super-fast scrolling, the enables you to navigate through long documents and web pages in no time. Indeed, this mouse is capable of jumping from pages to pages without wasting time and energy.


The M705 is not like your typical mouse. It was designed to fit every person’s needs. This wireless mouse is furnished with its right-handed shape that allows you to place your hand naturally in a comfortable position. Moving the will give you a smooth and precise ride on almost all challenging surfaces. Moreover, the M705 features its hyper-fast scroll wheel that enables you to change pages as fast as possible, preventing you from slow motioned interface and navigation.

Moreover, the M705 is also known as the most power saver which uses only half of the electric energy used by a typical mouse. With this, you will not only be able to work conveniently but it also gives you the opportunity to save from purchasing batteries all the time. The device also has its small Logitech Unifying receiver that stays in your laptop for a struggle-free laptop and wireless mouse experience.

  • Capable of working with only one battery
  • Assignable thumb button
  • Unified dongle for up to four integrated gadgets
  • Three-year battery life
  • Compatible with Operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX and 10.4 and even later versions
  • Tracking issues when  is far from USB receiver
  • DPI of a mouse cannot be modified
  • Not best for gaming
Satisfying the Technical Needs

The M705 was designed to have useful functions that will surely suite a businessman’s technical needs. Although there are a few cons, the downsides are just little issues that can still be solved. What you can do for the tracking issue is to make sure that your USB receiver is not placed very far from the mouse. Through this, the performance of the mouse will be better. Moreover, the Logitech Wireless Marathon M705 (910-001935) is not recommended for gaming activities. Nonetheless, it is the highly suggested for business related works.

This mouse can be procured at Amazon, other best buy online shops and computer gadget stores near you. With the price of only about $35 from the original price of $50, you will be able to get one of the best and the finest of all mice. Free shipping is also available when purchasing the device with Super Saver shipping at Amazon. When buying the product, one will also get to have the following gadgets and materials to complete the product box. These materials include the mouse itself, the Logitech Unifying receiver, a software CD for both mac and other OS, 2 AA batteries, User guide, and also a 3-year limited warranty. Other online sites also sell the product for as low as $22. For more information about the Marathon M705, you can visit some Logitech mice reviews at Amazon.

The new HP mobile mouse does away with the need for USB dongle or a small hardware gadget that if fitted into the USB port. The small cursor hooks up to the wireless connection of a laptop with a nine-month battery span. It comes along with AA batteries, driver and quick-start guidebook. The batteries are mounted in the mouse with a pull-up tab to avert untimely discharging. The appearance emphasizes the convenience of smaller mice.

The Wi-Fi mouse works only with Windows 7computers and not with Macintosh units and earlier versions of Windows. So be careful not to buy this unless your computer has Windows 7 and don’t if you’re a Mac user.

It has a pretty slick design and it’s rubber sides make it nice and easy to handle in either hand. It features a cool 4-way tilt smooth scroll wheel, so you can navigate left, right, up and down quickly and effortlessly. One of our favourite features is that you can save battery by disconnecting the mouse to the wifi with the ‘sleep mode’ feature, to reactivate and start using the mouse again simply press the ‘connect’ button on the bottom.

We do really like this mouse. However, the on niggle that we have with it is that Windows 7 is required and some users have reported problems with that, for this, we rate the mouse a little lower than we would if it was compatible with windows earlier versions and macs.

  • Great tilt wheel feature that allows for left, right, up and down scrolling.
  • Slick design with rubber sides that allow for easy left and right-hand usage.
  • Only compatible with Windows 7.

The Apple Magic mouse has a flawless multi-touch exterior that incorporates inconspicuous design and seamless top covering. It is so smooth that is brings an entirely different experience to the user. The so-called multi-touch part covers the surface of this magic device with the mouse itself serving as the button. You can scroll in any direction using the finger and double-click anyplace. It employs a robust laser tracking system that is very sensitive and responsive on any surface. It outperforms the long-established method of optical tracking. It can track with accuracy without the need for a mouse pad. Although the Magic Mouse is one of the heaviest mouses we’ve tested, it does not feel heavy or hard to use, it’s superbly smooth and glides smoothly.

It’s the world’s first Multi-Touch mouse, it started with the I-phone, then the iPod, Ipad and the Macbook pro. Multi-touch technology introduces a dynamic, new way to interact with your devices and with the Magic Mouse this technology has been adapted from portable devices to your desktop. Although the mouse may take a bit of getting used to at first it’s true functionality shines once you get used to the touch scroll functionality.

  • Sleek & cool design
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Multitouch technology
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty
  • Only compatible with Mac users
  • The multitouch feature takes time to get used to

The design of the Apple Magic Mouse is genuinely outstanding, keeping in sync with other devices from this remarkable manufacturer. The multitouch facility may take some getting used to, however, once you do, the Magic mouse becomes just that and any part of the mouse becomes clickable, almost like a touchscreen. The only real drawback we discover is that it’s only available to Mac Users if you are a Mac user we definitely recommend the Apple magic mouse.

If what you’re looking for is a sleek, new look in a computer mouse the Microsoft Arc Mouse definitely fits the bill.  Unique in its design, it’s the unusual and trendy design that hooks most people into even considering this fairly new offering from Microsoft.  What’s surprising to most, however, is that not only does it look good but it feels good too.

Available in five different colours (all, for some reason, offered at different price points), the stunningly unique design of this mouse makes it appear shaped like a rainbow (thus the name, ‘Arc’) when it’s sitting on a flat surface.  In this configuration, it’s as large as a full-sized desktop mouse.  It’s ability, however, to fold up when not in use renders it down to only 60% of its previous size, making storage and transport much easier and more convenient.  As an additional benefit, folding the unit up also automatically turns off the power, thus saving the batteries from premature discharge.

Main features of the Microsoft Arc Mouse include:
  • Small, micro-receiver that can be plugged into a USB port and forgotten or can be stored, magnetically, in a space at the bottom of the mouse
  • 2.4 GHz wireless transmission good for up to 30 feet
  • Accurate and precise laser tracking that works on nearly any surface
  • 4 programmable buttons
  • Carrying case included
  • 6+ months of battery life.  Two AAA batteries included and a built-in low-battery warning system
  • Compact and comfortable
  • The symmetrical design works well for both lefties and righties
  • Built-in scroll wheel to navigate documents without having to drag the scroll bar on your computer screen
  • Windows Flip lets you easily flip between windows at the press of a button
  • Folding hinge made out of metal for increased durability

This mouse is currently available from Amazon at 25% off, however, scroll down to see all prices for this good-looking mouse with our price comparison tool.

The Good:
  • The eye-catching design that’s also comfortable for most to use
  • Accurate and precise laser tracking that works on nearly any surface
  • Attractive price, especially with available discounts being offered
The Bad:
  • Reports of broken scroll wheels have flooded Microsoft but they assure the buying public that this was an early defect that has since been remedied
  • The back button on the left front of the mouse seems ill-placed for many to reach comfortably

If you’re looking for a mouse that will be the source of constant questions and conversations, the Microsoft Arc Mouse is the perfect candidate.  It’s unique in this world of look-alike mice and can be had at a very reasonable price, just don’t pay retail!  Those who like this mouse REALLY like it.  If you get one of the earlier models and it breaks, there’s a 3-year warranty!

Gamers are meticulous of the gadgets they use in playing, thus the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 existed. Unlike the usual people who use gadgets, gamers always see to it that the devices they use will bring them convenience and possess top quality features. Even the littlest things like the mouse pads are very important for them. Everything that has the power to affect their games is significant and should be replaced if it shows a low-quality performance.

The Gaming Mouse G700 is one of the most recommended gaming mice in the market today. It provides ecstatic gaming experience with its high tech features. Moreover, gamers will surely enjoy the perks of this well-designed mouse and playing will surely be steady smooth with the G700.


The G700 is equipped with numerous features that gamers look for in a gaming mouse. Playing wirelessly is possible with the G700’s plug and forget Nano receiver. The Nano receiver can be placed in your laptop or your mouse for travelling. Moreover, the mouse is also capable of sending 1,000 data reports per second for a full-speed wireless gaming. Through this, lag and dropouts are minimized.

Handy and comfortable, the G700 has a natural curve design that would fit your hand perfectly for hours of usage. The mouse is also capable of recharging even during a game. This is a very unique feature that only a few wireless mice in the computer and technology domain possess. This mouse is also admired by a lot of gamers because of its ability to store five profiles on its own memory. It also has 13 buttons that can be changed and customized for users’ handiness and convenience. These buttons can be personalized to be able to perform complex and macro functions just with a single click. Furthermore, it is designed specifically for gaming with its high accuracy laser tracking that enables smooth and perfect movements.

The Good:
  • 13 programmable buttons
  • Exceedingly precise tracking
  • Wireless receiver
The Bad:
  • Charge only via USB cable
  • No Unifying receiver

Excellent Gaming with the G700

This mouse is available at Amazon at the price of $75 from the original price of $100. At Amazon, shipping is free if the product is procured with a Super Saver Shipping. The cost of the gaming mouse, however, depends on where the product is bought. There are other available online sites that also offer the Logitech G700 for lower prices. You can find other information about the product by inputting: Logitech Gaming Mouse G700 (DH910001436) with model number DH910001436 on search engines. When purchasing the product at Amazon, you will also receive gadgets and materials like the mouse’s charging cable, wireless receiver, receiver extended the cable and the user guide. For more information about the features, the pros and cons of the product check out full product spec. and other owner reviews here.

Technology and style have indeed combined and created an exceptional gaming mouse. With the games and applications that are improving every now and then, gamers desire even more gadgets that will reach the standards of these new generation games. This is why Logitech regularly produce top of the line wireless and wired mice for gaming and business matters. For all computer games enthusiasts, high performance is assured with the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700. The wireless mouse is simply recommended because it will surely satisfy users and gamers’ wants and needs. Furthermore, with its affordable price and amazingly high tech features, Logitech has certainly succeeded in producing one of the superlative gaming devices in the market today.