Best Ps4 Travel Cases

You can’t always be home to play your favorite video games, but as long as you have some time on your hands, you can play them just about anywhere! In this cases, you need to purchase, and after that, some explanation for this suggestion is that you will require the carrying case for Ps4 to keep your most loved gaming console unbroken and secured.

Here, all new carrying cases made for PlayStation 4 are having top class fabric used in it and with extra pockets so that not only you comfortable feel but likewise its CDs, embellishments, camera, and links can be conveyed with no issue. You just need to experience the rundown and select the one and run with the best Ps4 Travel cases. Also, you check out the Best gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox One.

Best Ps4 Travel Cases[Top In 2018]

1EVA Hard Protective:

EVA Hard Protective Travel Case Carrying Bag for Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Slim Game Console. It has modular compartments so that apart from the console you can put the accessories etc. it’s a 2 Built-in straps to secure the console, four removable dividers to ensure the Move Controllers and two game controllers and other accessories, built-in divider with six-disc pockets to divide the console from other fixtures.

Price: $39

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2USA GEAR PlayStation 4 Pro Case:

This super cool looking PS4 make a trip pack is intended to give the best assurance to your most loved PS4 gaming console. The outside is high, and consequently, the security is guaranteed. With two pocket section inside for extra care of the gadgets, controllers, and cables along with accessories, you can carry an entire lot of things with it. The take on the strap can easily be used to so it is easy to give when you are traveling. check more:

Price: $44.99

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3Hyperkin Polygon:

Pretty looking carrying case from Hyperkin has few more extra protective puddings so that your gaming console stay intact and without a scratch always from any bump or drop. It has the modular partition so that apart from the console you can put the accessories etc. individually. The case has as long as a 4-foot adjustable shoulder strap so you will have the high leverage on how you can carry the console while it is packed in this case. With extra storage for six discs, you will have the best example in your hand for sure.

Price: $ 37.98

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4MyLifeUNIT PS4 Bag:

This PS4 carrying case has the primary intention to protect your gaming console at any given point in time. You can take your console inside the larger pocket and also put your accessories in 4 other pockets explicitly provided for them. The flexible strap has extra padding’s so your shoulders will remain comfortable when you had to walk around with your console. With complete protection and adjustment, this could quickly become your choice.

Price: $34.99

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5Powstro 4 Console:

A sign has presented one of the best and excellent looking carrying case for your PS4. There is an exclusive bag for PlayStation 4 so that you can travel with it while knowing that it will remain safe there. The design of this pocket has created by keeping the safety of your gadget in mind only. There is a front pocket to hold 2 PS4 controllers and your PS4 cables but can also contain other PS4 accessories. There is an extra protection overall also provided so that your console can remain safe from any accidental drops and collisions.


  • Easy to wash or clean when needed.
  • Convenient inside pockets for games disc.
  • Fully padded design for maximum protection.
  • The main pocket holds and protects PlayStation 4 System.
  • Front pocket can hold 2 Dualshock 4 remote controllers, the PlayStation Camera, AC control string, HDMI and USB links.

Price: $17.99

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6Star good PS4 Travel Bag:

Star good bags are the best choice to buy for ps4 travel case because your all accessories are to adjust entirely and  High quality and durable pocket materials will give you full protection to your game and props to stay safe and secure on your trip and journey.

Price: $19.97

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7Goliton package for PS4:

Goliton is a best for the PS4 travel cases because it’s a straightforward to adjust all the materials in a bag. Also Goliton bags are made of high-grade fabric tailored specifically for the PS4 host unique design style. Also, you can CD-ROM, power supply, data cable, full-featured, easy to carry. And it hugely helps to travel cases all time just hand on the bag straps and go your favorite places.

Price: $34

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BBM is a famous manufacturer; BUBM has to make all-new PS4 travel cases which are the very different to the other ps4 Carrying Cases. In this BUBM cases to simple approaches to modify and pack all the PS4 Console, likewise in the excellent case to BUBM is a High quality, overwhelming obligation and solid nylon texture, waterproof and simple to clean. Changeless and smooth two-way zipper conclusion.

The four non-slip plastic sheet can efficiently reduce friction with the ground and make the bag stand upright not collapse. The soft cushioned handle and detachable, adjustable shoulder strap give you the option to catch it by hand, wear it over-the-shoulder or across the body. The back belt comfortably fits into the rods of the suitcase. Ideal for travel or outdoor, well check price and buy

Price: $64

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9Black Multifunctional Travel Carry Case:

In this travel cases for bunches of adornments with travel. Since you can make all your beside its frill anyplace effortlessly with carrying case. You can well compose everything by placing them in various pockets expressly given for them. There is the main pocket which will hold your PlayStation 4 to the excellence, and there is a comfortable mesh inside pockets where you can keep your games. Front pocket can hold 2 DualShock4 wireless controllers, PlayStation Camera, power cord, HDMI and USB cables.

Price: $27

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10RDS Industries:

One of the most popular ever manufacturer RDS Industries, it can make a new branded pocket to protect the console. The PS4 Travel cases to get a Fully padded case for maximum protection and with the Adjustable shoulder strap on the bag so you can make reliable free. Also and convenient carrying handle through we can easy to move.

Price: $59.99

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