Are you a Pc gamer and want to buy new game Controller for desktop PC? Let’s see the below given Best PC Controller below Buyer’s Guide 2018.

There are many gaming consoles available in the market like ps4, Xbox one, Steam, Nintendo and many more. And we always look their stability and performance it works very well with all games. but if you want to try their game on your Windows Pc or desktop, then you have required their gaming accessories like PC controllers, mouse and more.

Because some games do not support PC mouse & keyboard controls at all, many others are usually unplayable without their controller.

So in this way, we will show you the list of the best PC controllers of 2018 and you can boost your PC gaming experience.

Here’s Top Best PC Controller

Here’s the following 5 best PC Controller to buy:

Sony has to come back with the new Sony DualShock 4 for pc, it is a most advance controlling system to prevent on their gaming console. In the trend of the gaming controller, it’s one of the best controllers for PC.

It’s gone a to be up to Sony’s classic PlayStation controller.

The DualShock 4 is everything gamers needed from Sony’s next gamepad. Not at all like the DualShock 3, we just have minor complaints about the PlayStation 4’s controller. It’s not simply a controller we’ll “endure” for the uncommon exclusive PS4 titles; it’s one we won’t consider a barrier while choosing where to play multiplatform games.

The DualShock 4 (CUH-ZCT1) is the PlayStation 4’s controller. It is similar to the DualShock 3, with several new features. One new feature is a built-in two-point capacitive touch pad on the front of the controller, which can be clicked.


  • Dramatic improvement over a PS3 gamepad
  • Clickable touchpad
  • The best triggers on any gamepad


  • Terrible battery life
  • Analog stick coating isn’t grippy enough
  • Rubber thumbsticks show wear and tear quickly

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Xbox One Wireless Controller is the primary controller for the Microsoft Xbox One console. If you are love to play Xbox one game then it’s best playable new Xbox Wireless Controller that Experience the enhanced comfort and feel. here’s the Best Xbox One Controller check out now.

The launch of the Xbox One, it has seen a number of improvements, and very powerfully developed that most users agree that it was highly effective at building upon the foundation set by the XBOX 360.

The numerous color scheme variations and special editions, Microsoft also allows their users to design their own custom controller through the Xbox Design Lab.

Users are allowed to customise nearly every aspect of the controller:

  • The colour of each separate part
  • The material which the triggers and the D-pad are made of – plastic or metal
  • Add an optional rubberized grip to the underside
  • Add a personalized engraving of up to 16 characters


  • Very solid build
  • One of the most comfortable controllers out there
  • Responsive triggers with integrated rumble function
  • Highly ergonomic thumbsticks
  • Improved and more accurate D-pad


  • D-pad may be too tactile and loud for some
  • Shoulder buttons can feel cumbersome due to their size and produce loud, sharp clicks

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With Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller you Get pro-level and they built an arsenal of swappable components, Hair Trigger Locks, and limitless customization with an easy-to-use app. Here the top best gaming controller for pc so pick your favorite one and here the review of Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller that very helpful guide.

Choose from a variety of thumbsticks, D-pads, and paddles for a tailored feel that provides game-changing accuracy and speed.

You see it’s compatible with Windows 10 right out of the box, but if you want to use it wirelessly you’ll need the Microsoft wireless adapter (which is also W10 compatible). kind of annoying having to pay another thirty bucks to be able to play Steam Big Picture stuff from across the room with the best controller ever made, but once all the pieces are in place, your life will immediately and dramatically improve.


  • Feels great in-hand; very grippy finish throughout
  • Loads of customization options
  • Mature, understated design
  • Improves on the standard Xbox One gamepad in every way
  • Bumper buttons are finally, actually usable


  • Expensive
  • Levers and faceted d-pad don’t feel secure
  • Feels heavy at first
  • Clamshell case doesn’t keep everything in place
  • Customization options could be overwhelming for some

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Precisely what you need for PC and Xbox gaming. Here’s the best gaming controller for pc, with this Xbox 360 Controller you Play with confidence, responsive, and ergonomic controller. They especially built for pc gamers. Don’t loos your emotions just pick out Xbox 360 Controller and rock your day. It works on either your PC or Xbox to give you the ultimate gaming experience.

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Their Compact design provides a more comfortable gaming experience. And it’s was very thin, flexible cord was designed to provide the sensation of wireless with all the performance of a wire.

Microsoft solved almost all of those problems with a quick redesign and release of the Controller S. As soon as the 360 was announced, a debate began to stir on what the next Microsoft controller would look like. You’ve all seen it by now, and the lucky ones among us have them in hand. It’s safe to say that after a pretty rough start, Microsoft has really learned what makes a good controller, cause the 360 controller is pretty bloody tight.


-Perfectly shaped


-Analogue sticks lock up
-Using middle finger for a shooting is awkward

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The Razer Sabertooth is a well-known manufacturer to make a high-end pc and gaming accessories. And now it’s another controller developed for consoles but also compatible with PC. It’s specially designed for use with the Xbox 360, and you see out their reviews to make feel happy to buy. It’s popular with the competition crowd and is another great mid-range option. The Sabertooth is a follow-up to the very popular Onza controller, and many gamers think that Razer finally fixed all the small issues that plagued the Onza when they intended the Sabertooth.

We recommend the Sabertooth because of the ergonomic design that feels very happy and enjoyable game, and it’s embedded display with 2 profiles and 6 customizable buttons. It can completely take a while to get used to using a customized control method, but once you do, it can offer a significant edge, particularly in first person shooters. The only disadvantage is that there is no wireless version of the Sabertooth accessible, which can be a trouble.

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How Should I Choose a Controller?

There are several PC gaming controllers available, so it can be difficult to choose the correct one. Later in the article, we will go over a rundown of the best gaming controllers for PC, however, in the first place, we will disclose how to pick the correct one for you.

  • Cross-Platform or PC-Dedicated? On the off chance that you are both a PC gamer and a comfort gamer, it’s an easy decision to get a controller with cross-stage similarity. Controllers for the Xbox 360 (more current ages just), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 would all be able to be utilized for PC gaming. They are for the most part awesome decisions and enable you to continue honing your aptitudes for both PC and reassure amusements, regardless of what gadget you’re utilizing right now.
  • Wired or Wireless? There are two primary styles of PC controllers: the run of the mill comfort write shapes, like a PS4 or Xbox One plan, and PC-just outlines that component more catches and even fractional consoles, for example, the Razer Orbweaver. The support style is agreeable, ergonomic, and recognisable – it’s likewise apprenticing neighbourly, so on the off chance that you have companions over to play recreations this style is a decent decision. The plans of PC devoted controllers differ a considerable amount, with some being across the board controllers, and others, for example, the Orbweaver, as yet requiring the utilisation of a mouse for some diversions. The later plan style is pointed more at bad-to-the-bone gamers who need the upper edge and expanded solace over a console.
  • Size, Weight, etc.? Particularly in case, you’re a day by day gamer; it’s critical to have a controller that feels great in your grasp. Not very overwhelming, not very light, appropriately planned, sturdy, and so on. Tragically, it can be difficult to know without a doubt until the point when you get one because the best arrangements on these controllers are discovered on the web. Our recommendation is to purchase from shippers who have great merchandise exchanges. That way, on the off chance that you get the controller and are not content with it, you can return it and attempt an alternate choice. Every one of the controllers we prescribe in this article are very much explored and agreeable to general gamers.
  • What Controller Should I Buy? Indeed, even with the tips recorded above, it can be hard to pick the correct controller for you and your gaming style. To help point you the right way, we’ve assembled a rundown of the best PC gaming controllers. Remember that these aren’t fundamental altogether from best to most exceedingly terrible – they are on the whole incredible choices!