There are a variety of features and features that are available within the phone, when the phone is misplaced or lost, it can be easily tracked. Android is a huge way to grow your platform and use apps. There are many apps available for finding and tracking Android smartphones and iPhones before losing or misplaced the place in the Google Play Store. Here are some android apps that can be used to track a list of iPhones that are missing or misplaced.

1. Anti-stealing prey

Prey anti-theft is the basis of the android app called preyproject. It is a good app for finding devices such as android devices, Iphone, windows phones and tablets that are missing or misplaced. This app is available for many platforms, and through this we will be able to track windows phones for apps used on iPhone or Android phones. This app has excellent security features. It is 100% free. By this app, you can remotely lock the iPhone. The front camera and rear camera can be used to take pictures of people who are using it around the environment. We will be able to get the exact location of the device by using the web function. This app is the most popular app and most of the technology giants like crunchbase and Techcrunch recommend this app. Here are the steps on how to use it.

step 1. Download the app from Google Play Store. Open the app and create an account.
Step 2. Add devices to your account. We can add up to 3 devices that can be IPhone or other devices running on different platforms once
step 3. When we log into the account then we will be able to see the status and add iPhone and other devices to its location.

2. Cerberus anti-theft

The Cyrus Anti-Theft is an android app developed by LSDroid. It is an anti-theft application with a simple user interface and more efficient features and functionality. Users will be able to discover and locate stolen or misplaced Iphones in addition to the account and remote control that can be added to this app by using the android device device of this app. This app provides three ways to protect the device.

  • Pass through their website by using remote control technology.
  • By using the sim card check function
  • Control it through the remote SMS feature.

This app has great security features. If android or iPhone is lost or misplaced, it is registered in the account of the Cerberus Anti-Theft app and it will notify the user. If the sim card is used by an unauthorized user on the iPhone, then it will notify the user. Here are the steps to use it:

step 1. Download the app from Google Play Store. In the first week, it was free.
Step 2. Create an account and add devices to it. Set security issues and other details.
Step 3. The remote control device is in the account. If the device is lost then try to lock the remote control feature of the device first. Remotely activate lost devices in GPS and other functions. Track the details by using the app website.

3. Find my phone

Found that my phone is a top android app with a high level of security and anti-theft features. By using this app it is very easy to track down which platform belongs to the device. In this app, it is very easy to install, it offers in-app purchases, and many extra features won’t be locked. The GPS of the stolen phone has navigational features for this use, which can be easily found and tracked. Learn how to use it:

step 1. Install the app from Google Play Store. This app is about 10 MB in size. It is free to try for a month or so before the upgrade is required.
Step 2. Open the app and create an account. Provide secure details for protecting your phone. The iPhone that provides the number of cells needs to be tracked. Its wills are approved to send and accept this.
Step 3. Users who approve the message as soon as possible will be able to track and locate the iPhone, even in the case of misplaced or lost conditions.

4. Find my friend!

Finding my friend is a social app that also provides anti-theft functionality. This app helps to identify friends and their devices using the app’s add-on features. Devices and phones are required to track the list that should be added to this application. This app uses GPS technology in the device to make the exact location of the device. It is a society, it is very easy and used for anti-theft purposes. It’s easy to track a variety of devices like the iPhone. If your friend’s iPhone is missing or misplaced, you can try this app.

step 1. Search and download apps from play storage.
Step 2. create an account. It is free to use for the month and later needs to be upgraded later.
Step 3. Friends who added devices join our list and send approval messages to them. If they accept your approved message, then they are added to the list. If the iPhone device loses the link to the account then you will be able to find the location of the lost iPhone through the app.

5. Pay attention to security and anti-virus software

This is another powerful android app that can be easily used to track Android devices and iPhone devices. This application of anti-tampering is so strong. You will find the iPhone and make it scream and the tone is louder to increase the chances of finding it. You need to create an account in this app and add iPhone and other devices to it. Authentication will be available on the iPhone in order to link it with the app account in the android device. After that, you will be able to track the phone if the phone is lost or misplaced. See how to use this app.

step 1. Download from the Google Play storage app to the android device.
Step 2. Set up an anti-theft account and add devices to your account. Authentication is
the third step in the need to add a device If the iPhone is lost, then first track the application it uses. If you just misplaced your iPhone, then find it in the location shown in the app. If the iPhone is lost, you should lock and wipe it remotely.