In order to be good at things, you must first sharpen your tools! In modern IT, every Android programmer needs the best tools to improve their skills and efficiency. In the brutal competition industry of Android application development, only good programmers can survive. You need to show your customers the best technology and capabilities you have.

Not only show your device to attract customers, but also ensure that your Android app is built to the highest quality in an efficient timeframe. So which are the best Android developer tools? There are many options, but not all tools are good enough. Let’s take a look at the following Android app development tools without wasting any time.

One B4A

You may not have heard of B4A (Basic for Android), which is an Android application development tool that simplifies programming. It is an IDE that helps developers create applications using the BASIC programming language. BASIC is a procedural programming language that is very simple to program because it uses almost plain English to write code. B4A has some interesting features, such as debugging via wireless Bluetooth, visual editor, scheduling and manipulating application views according to your needs.

If you think B4A is only for newcomers who don’t know much about Android app development, think again. You can use B4A to do almost everything done in Java. The plus item is that it is faster than Java.


LeakCanary helps point out the mistakes programmers make. In this way, it prevents “leakage” of the code. The purpose of building this developer tool is to provide developers with the most comfortable GUI. The tool is automated so it will notify you when something goes wrong. It provides developers with a complete stack trace that provides immediate fixes for memory leaks.


This is a very useful Android development tool that can quickly develop, deploy and extend the functionality of your Android app. Fabric is a very stable and powerful program that has helped many Android application programmers. Fabric provides developers with a concept of user activity and where users are most likely to interact with the application so that the development team can focus on it. In addition, as a programmer, Fabric offers the opportunity to drive app installs and make money from ad revenue.


The Android IDE (AIDE) is the only one in this list that can be used to create Android apps using AIDE on phones and tablets and test them on the same device. AIDE supports programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. If you are just starting an app development career, then you must learn how to use AIDE. It allows you to view and learn tutorials with highlighted code and test them in real time on your mobile device. Alternatively, you can use AIDE to build a website.


Do you hate errors in Android apps? InstaBug takes error testing to a whole new level with amazing features like screenshot annotations, web logging, audio recording and screen recording tests, and sends them to Android app developers Get a detailed explanation. View the deconstructed model of the application in 3D to see the appearance of each subview. Many popular Android apps, such as Yahoo, PayPal, Lyft, BuzzFeed, Dubsmash, Scribd, Kik, etc., use InstaBug for “vulnerability queries.”


It is not possible to include Android Studio. It is the originator of all Android application development tools. Many developers think it is the best Android development tool. It is also known as the official developer environment for Google’s Android operating system. It has countless features such as visual layout, APK analyzer, smart code editor, fast simulator, flexible build system and real-time analyzer. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife for Android Developer Tools.

Android Studio plays multiple roles in Android app development. It is a compiler for creating file systems to schedule your application projects to create multiple APK files. It is the language editor that programmers use in application development. It includes the Android SDK.