The bare metal system is one of the most used computer systems today. It can be defined as a computer system that does not have a base operating system or any applications. It is mainly the hardware assembly of a computer, structure, and components that have been installed with basic input or output systems.

Bare metal servers, also known as single-tenant physical servers. On this server, the OS has to be installed directly to the server and this can deliver better performance.

Why Use a Bare Metal Server

The tech world today provides different kinds of servers that one can choose from. Here are some of the reason why you should choose to use the bare metal server.

It is Reliable

With this server, you can get to control the number of machines and their workload too. This is because you do not share the server with any other tenant as compared to a hypervisor server.

It is secure

The fact that you can physically isolate your data and applications makes this one of the safest servers that you can use. The level of privacy is heightened and secured than with a virtual server.

  • Performance

Bare metal servers offer CPU, memory and storage spaces that most of the shared cloud server models cannot handle. This makes it perform with excellence and efficiency.  The backup and recovery of bare metal systems is also not tasking.

It is efficient

With this server, you can pay for only what you use. There are no extra charges whatsoever. This kind of utility style billing is a sure way to save you money on servers.


This not being a shared cloud but a dedicated server, it makes it easy to customize the server settings to suit your need and usage.

The bare metal restore is always recommended as a smart way to recover your data. This is because it takes a very short time to load your data to a new machine. This kind of data restoration is very useful in situations like a cyber-attack or a hardware failure.  

Back-up and Recovery

The bare metal recovery and backup is a method used in data recovery for either a computer or a server after an emergency or a disaster when the machine to be recovered had no pre-installed operating systems.

Recovery with bare metal is not meant for emergencies only. It can also conserver resources and boost up the security. Many organizations today consider off-loading their data to a bare metal server instead of the cloud because of its advantages. The bare metal dedicated server can come in handy for companies that experience traffic spikes at peak hours.

Thebackup and recovery of bare metal systems are one of the key aspects when it comes to corporate and personal computing. This can guarantee you no loss of files and data, meaning you can continue with your work in no time at all even when your operating system crashes.