Search engine optimization is a tactic that no website can survive without. It gets you on the top of search rankings and makes you visible online. Ranking high is important to stay ahead of your competitors because there are probably thousands selling similar products or services. Also, SEO is critical to driving traffic to your website. Beyond that, a higher ranking brings trust and credibility for your brand.

However, getting to the top is easier said than done because there are several factors that impact your site’s ranking. You may need months to see visible results and sustaining them is even a bigger challenge. Still, it is doable if you have your basics right. Further, there are some SEO hacks that you can follow to make your journey easier. Let us list the ones that you should never ignore for the website.

Hack #1: Get rid of the elements that slow down the site

Speed is one of the key parameters that determine your SEO ranking. It affects the user experience directly because no user would want a website to load slowly. Having a speed optimization strategy is something that you cannot overlook. Even a few extra seconds may have the users bouncing away from your site. Therefore, you should get rid of any element that slows down the website. This could be a redundant plugin or a heavy image or video on your web page.

Hack #2: Cater to your target audience

Another key factor that Google considers while ranking websites is user intent. Unless you know your target audience and match their expectations, you cannot reach the top. To start with, your website’s content should be informative and valuable to the users. Focusing just on optimizing it with keywords is not the only thing to do. Make sure that it serves value and builds credibility. The navigation should be simple and easy to understand as well.

Hack #3: Strengthen your backlink profile

A strong backlink profile is mandatory if you want your website to rank high. While you build links, you must do it strategically, with a focus on quality rather than numbers. Gabe Carmen of says that one way to make your SEO rankings increase is to get quality backlinks to your site on websites with high domain authority. Guest posting on the websites of niche influencers is a good practice that you can follow in this context. It gets you quality backlinks and builds trust as you get associated with an industry influencer.

Hack #4: Don’t forget responsiveness

Not being responsive can be a killer for any website. A majority of users search via cell phones and optimizing their experiences is essential. A website that does not render seamlessly on these devices does not exist for them. Beyond that, responsiveness is a critical ranking factor for Google. So if you want to build a killer SEO strategy, ensure that your website runs seamlessly on all devices. Do get your site tested for responsiveness before making it live for the audience.

Hack #5: Utilize social media platforms

Social media can serve as a powerful tool to boost your SEO results. Though social media is not exactly a ranking parameter, it drives trust for the audience. Moreover, the posts you share on the social platforms can bring in more traffic to your website. Be sure to share engaging content about your brand and offerings on various social media platforms. Also, encourage your audience to like and share your posts if you want to grow your outreach.

Hack #6: Optimize for voice searches

If you want your SEO strategy to succeed, you should keep pace with the latest trends. Getting ready for voice searches is necessary because the voice is the upcoming trend in the SEO landscape. More and more users are already searching through voice queries rather than textual ones. Optimizing your website for voice searches is all about having conversational keywords in its content. People who search via voice are likely to speak questions or sentences. The secret is to have answers to these questions in your content.

Creating a winning SEO strategy for your website is all about thinking beyond conventional tactics. You cannot forget the basics like keyword research, content optimization, and link building because they are the core of SEO. At the same time, you need to prioritize your audience. A site that understands user expectations and matches them has good chances of reaching the top. Following these useful hacks will help you in securing high rankings, traffic, and conversions for your website.