One of the gifts to protect in life is good health. If you’re lucky to be strong without complaints or bodily challenges, give thanks every morning. Health is wealth, and if you’re healthy, you’re already very rich. So, keep it that way by doing everything in your control to avoid health challenges. Take precaution and prevent every likely threat to your health. Therefore, if you’re working in an industry that requires respiratory protective equipment, go for the Face Fit Test. That way, you’ll not only protect yourself now but also secure a sickness-free future.

People who work with hazardous materials are always at risk of ill health from exposure. That’s why the respiratory protective equipment is there to protect you from inhaling them. But it is not enough to pick this equipment and wear. You need a thorough Face Fit Test to ensure that the equipment will protect you adequately. The two types of tests you need to do are quantitative and qualitative testing. The former is a taste test while the latter is a particle counting test. These tests are necessary if you want to live free of respiratory challenges.

Other reasons for the Face Fit Test are as follows:

1. To prevent health challenges

Hazardous materials like asbestos can kill after prolonged exposure. Asbestos causes lung cancers, such as mesothelioma. Many people work with these types of materials in their factory every day. That’s why RPE is necessary and even mandatory. However, you must undergo a Face Fit Test to ensure that the mask will protect you from the harmful material. If your RPE is not the right fit, you’ll likely inhale the harmful material. So, you need a competent operative such as the PPS Asbestos mask testing service to save yourself from exposure.

2. Face changes affect seal effectiveness

Many conditions can make your face to change. If you did a Face Fit Test when you started wearing the mask, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe forever. From time to time, you need to redo the test to be sure that your RPE still fits. For instance, if you add or lose weight, the seal may either become lose or smaller. So, you must do another test to ensure that everything is in order or to determine if there’re changes.

3. It is a legal requirement

We’re not the only people emphasizing on the face fit test as a necessary precaution against ill health. The law mandates every worker who uses a close or tight-fitting mask to take the test. After undergoing the test, you are to collect a certificate to show that your mask is protecting you adequately from hazardous materials. Laws such as Control of Lead Work (CLaW), Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) all requires the face fit test.  So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using the half masks, full-face masks or the powered respirators, the test is compulsory.

4. To follow the time requirement

Did you know that the Face Fit Test is not a one-off event? Health experts recommend that you take it every one to three years. So, when was the last time you went for the test? Are you sure that the mask is still adequate in protecting you from danger? According to the HSE, your RPE should be suitable, stored properly, cleaned, and checked regularly to ensure effectiveness. So, don’t do it once and believe that all is well. If you’ve not gone for the test in the last three years, you need to do it now. It’s better to make time for it than take chances with lung cancer.

5.To buy a new mask

If you are choosing a mask for the first time, you must take the face fit test. The law requires this test before any worker can pick a mask. Apart from first-time users, anytime you’re replacing a mask due to loss or damages, the test is compulsory too. It is not advisable to buy Respiratory Protective Equipment in bulk as some employers do.  Even if you’re tempted, don’t go for it because no one size can fit everybody. People’s faces differ, and buying one size for every worker is a surefire way of exposure. So, instead of bulk purchase, you can go for group testing. This way, you’ve obeyed the law and also protected your workers as you should.

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Every industry worker who wants to retire and enjoy a healthy life afterwards should take the face fit test seriously. If you’ve been exposing your lungs to hazardous substances due to an unfit Respiratory Protective Equipment, please stop.  Good health requires some sacrifices, and if yours is the face fit test, rush now and do it.