Windows comes with built-in ability to view images. If you have an own windows pc and want to Update Photo Viewer then here’s the guide that you easy to follow.

Mostly the windows user have uses the outdated version of Windows Photo Viewer program so would you like to update and want some new extra feature then you want to just update your Windows OS like windows 7 to windows 10, once you update your operating system like windows 10 after All versions of the software must be downloaded through the Windows Update application.

Steps for Update the Photo Viewer in windows 10

1#: Navigate to your “Start” button on the lower left-hand side of the screen and tap on it.

2#: Tap on the “Search” bar and then type “Update” into it. Press the “Enter” button.

3#: Tap on the Windows Update icon from the window that appears on the screen.

4#: Next to tap the “Check for updates” icon from the software menu.

5#: Now just check the little box next to the “Photo Viewer” icon and then click the “Install Updates” icon at the bottom of the page.

6#: Wait for the updates to finish installing and then click the “Restart” icon from the window that appears on the screen.

7#: Once restart you PC now you get the new photo viewer application.

That’s it.

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