Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, comes under internet marketing. Businesses today want to be viewed on Google. However, they not just aim to be viewed on Google but also to be able to rank at the top in their niche. The reason is simple. People tend to click only the first 3 links in majority of the cases. So the higher you rank, the more organic traffic you get to your website. Always check domain age on bulk age checker to make sure your SEO is on point.

What’s SEO and how it can be done?

Search engine optimization is the techniques and process that is deployed on the way when trying to make a website rank for Google. Google today has more than 200 factors on the basis of which it ranks websites. SEO can divided in two parts. The first is on page SEO and the second is off page SEO. On page SEO, as the term suggests, deals with what is going on the website. The more content quality and presentation factors are contained, the better your content is able to optimize the website for search engines. On the other hand, you have off page SEO.

What’s Off Page SEO?

Off page SEO is basically your website’s offline marketing. This offline marketing goes around on the search engine and beyond. Google wants to judge how much your website is sending it singles for trust worthiness. Such signals play a powerful role in ranking websites. Link building is one major off page SEO technique. Here, when another website with great domain authority and that works in your niche mentions the URL of your website, you get a better ranking. The better links you get, the more you are able to rank better.

How Domain Age is a factor for successful SEO?

Domain age is one factor that affects a website’s SEO. Let us first talk about domain itself. What is a website’s domain? If there is a website with the URL, this link is that website’s domain. Prepostseo is a domain. Every website has its domain. This domain helps the visitors use words, numbers and symbols to direct to a web page. When you create a website, you buy a domain. Some domain names are more expensive than others. This is because domain names have a demand and the more a domain is in demand, the higher it will cost you.

So when you purchase a domain for your website, it is registered under your name. The number of months or years a domain has been purchased by you should be your website’s domain age. However, in terms of SEO, your website’s domain age is the time period till which a website has been indexed by Google. But how does domain age affect SEO?

It has been shown that organic white hat SEO takes good 3- 12 months. Websites with a relatively higher domain age can be seen as authoritative for a lot of reasons. This is why when your website’s domain age is high, it is good for your SEO.