The finger mouse is also called the ring mouse, the ring (ring) mouse, as the name suggests, is a mouse that is used on the finger like a ring. It is more comfortable and free to use than a normal mouse.

Since the invention of the mouse, the way people use computers has changed, and the evolution of the mouse has changed from the super old mouse to the wheel, the wireless, the trackball, and the variety is too much, and the analysis degree is from 100.200.400.800 to 1200 now. Dpi or more, but in addition to the trackball, can not escape the mouse’s inherent shape and input usage, and now there is finally a more conventional mouse & ld quo; finger mouse appeared, really changed people’s mouse The view, especially in a limited space, is more convenient, as long as one finger is done!

The finger mouse is an innovative, completely subversive finger-worn mouse. The special finger ring design, the sensitive and sleek design of the optical mouse, does not take up space, and can be typed at the same time. It is the best use tool for the laptop family, especially those who use the computer for a long time.

Finger mouse features :

  •   Full of technology, subverting the regular desktop mouse.
  •   The mouse is operated between the thumb and the index finger, and the mouse can also be typed at the same time.
  •   Reduce the time it takes to operate the keyboard and mouse.
  •   Lightweight and easy to carry, it doesn’t take up space.
  •   Optical sensor, suitable for use on a variety of interfaces.
  •   The weight is only 3/1 of the general optical mouse

Finger mouse instructions:

Adjust the elastic ring according to the size of your right index finger, but do not overtighten to avoid affecting blood circulation.

Put your index finger into the elastic ring until the index finger can move the mouse flexibly.

The tip of the index finger is approximately the same as the optical sensing end of the mouse, and the thumb can control the left, right and roller.

Place the middle finger in the middle of the card slot on the side of the mouse for better use of the mouse.

Slide the optical sensing end of the mouse against the table and slide it.