Since Google keeps on rolling out updates every now and then, it gets pretty tough to keep up with all of them. But, neglecting these updates can severely impact your website’s SEO.

However, all of these updates from Google are intended to enhance user experience. Keeping in mind Google’s intention as well as that of the user, there’s a lot that you can do to gain higher ranks in SERP.

In this article, you’ll find the top SEO strategies that you should be considering in 2020.

Create Compelling Content

If you go through the important updates from Google such as the Penguin, the Panda, and the EAT and YMYL; all of these updates have been consistently shrinking over the quality parameters for content. Significantly, following these updates, you can create your content. Take into account, what your target audience is interested in. Google, now more than ever, makes sure that the user is delivered as relevant results as possible.

Outreach To Influencers

The digital space has immense potential for young and growing brands. And just as with any other branding strategy, there are ambassadors for your brand, online. These ambassadors are none other than the influencer bloggers with a sizeable audience following their content. All you need to do is persuade them to promote your brand on their blog. Collaborating with these influencers online can help you with link building for your blog. And we all know how important links are for any website. It is noteworthy that when you reach out to these bloggers, make sure you stick to your niche. As niche relevant blogs help establish your relevancy online and bring in authoritative link juice.

Local SEO Brings In Quick Results

With the introduction of the Pigeon and the Mobilegeddon, businesses and websites have witnessed improved rankings within local searches. If you are operating a local store or small business, then local SEO is for you. What you should do is list your business in local directories such as Yelp, G2 Crowd and alike. This helps Google with identifying the relevance of your business with the search made by the user. All you need to take care of is to maintain NAP consistency. Failing to which, your ranking may decline in the search results.

Tap Into SMO

A major portion of internet users is actively found on social media platforms. This is the reason, digital marketers consider social signals as one of the most influential ones in the marketing domain. If you already have social media profiles for your business or your blog, it is best to consider social media optimization (SMO) now. Alternatively, you can tap into paid advertisements, similar to things like ads on google, but on social media platforms. For example, facebook, youtube, Instagram and others alike, offer paid promotions before a targetted audience. And the fun fact is you can customize the package for your ads as per your budget.

Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive

One of the critical signals that Google considers when ranking any website is its responsiveness to various mobile platforms. This is because a large population of its users is mobile-based. Google makes sure that it caters to all of its users’ needs, as and when needed. Therefore, you should look into your website’s responsiveness. Speeding up the loading time and making your website compatible with different screen sizes can do the trick.

Stop Leasing Out Your Domain

A recent update rolled out by Google stated that domain leasing is no more a genuine technique. Earlier this year, it issued a warning to the websites which leased out a complete page on their domain to a third party, in order to monetize their domain. This was particularly a practice that involved websites with high authority on the internet. The lessee leverages the authority and traffic on the lessor’s domain for personal gains. It is in your best interest to not to indulge in any such practice in the year 2020.

Make Use Of SSL Codes

Google also makes sure that all of its users’ personal information is safe and secure. Not having security measures and plugins integrated into your website may lead to Google considering your website as a potential threat to its users’ information. That is why you should consider using SSL codes on your website to make the user experience safe and secure. And consequently, your rankings would improve on Google.

There is no doubt that Google will roll out more updates in the near future, and it would keep on rolling out. But, it is important to keep up with these updates if you wish to stay on top of your SEO.