If you own or manage a local healthcare business such as diagnostics laboratory, pharmacy or medical clinic or if you run a private medical practice, you cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing in the success of your business.

With a large majority of patients searching for health services online, it only makes sense for you to establish a strong online presence and market your services to those who need them. If your healthcare business has been losing out to local competition, here are three things you could be doing wrong.

You don’t have a website

When you’re trying to scale a local health enterprise, the first important step you should take is to create a well-designed, user-friendly and functional website. Your website serves as the online shop or addresses where your potential customers (or patients) can find you and get to know your story. Moreover, having a website gives your local business a level of credibility and increases your reach beyond your local audience.

Creating a simple website from scratch is fairly easy, but for a well-designed, fast and secure website, it’s best to work with a web designer who has experience building websites for your industry.

You have a website but have not invested in digital marketing

It’s not hard to find local businesses with dated, unresponsive and slow-loading websites that get little or no traffic from potential customers. If your site is in a similar state, it’s probably because you did not do enough to keep it up-to-date and market it to your target audience.

According to Lauryn Preston from DigitalLogic.co, advertising methods such as yellow page ads, direct mail, and televised commercials are outdated and ineffective. Without employing proper online marketing strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and link-building, you cannot hope to increase your customer base and improve your revenues.

In the midst of fierce competition, your healthcare business needs a shot in the arm in the form of a robust digital marketing campaign that won’t break the bank but that would bring you legit business leads.

Your digital marketing strategy needs an overhaul

Not many healthcare entrepreneurs or medical practitioners are familiar with the intricacies of online marketing, as their expertise lies elsewhere. Many often fall for the cheapest SEO agency, which does their healthcare business more harm than good.

For your business to reap the benefits of effective internet marketing, you need to understand what your digital agency is doing to promote your business and where they could be going wrong. If you’re not satisfied, perhaps it’s time to switch to a company that has the resources and expertise to help you grow.

The tell-tale signs of poor or ineffective digital marketing are low-quality onsite and offsite content, poor site traffic, continuously low search engine rankings, lack of reporting from your digital agency and nonexistent customer service. If you’ve been facing any of these issues, find an agency that would tailor-make a marketing strategy suited to your needs.