Writing is never complete until editing has been done. Since it’s not possible to edit your own work, the help of a paper editing service has widely been used for some time now. However, with the continued evolvement of technology, there exist great tools which are instrumental in making the editing work easier. With some, mistakes and typos are highlighted in your work as you continue to write. Instead of waiting for the last minute to hire paper editing service professionals, you can make use of these tools to edit your paper. Here are 5 tools that can replace paper editing services.

  1. Pro Writing Aid

With the Pro Writing Aid, you will not need to look for a paper editing service. This tool works by spotting every mistake made when writing. To check the work all by yourself, paste what you have written in it and it will highlight everything that requires editing. Mistakes highlighted include misspelt words and words not used in the right context. It also helps you to replace the words that have been overused and correct the grammatical mistakes in it. If you regularly use this too, your writing skills will definitely improve.

  1. Language Tool

If you don’t have the money for paper editing service help, the language tool will be of help to you. It is a text editing tool that comes with a spell check function. Language tool helps a lot when writing. It can be used online as well. All you need to do is to download it onto your laptop or directly to the browser you are using. As you type, spelling and grammar can be checked before the text becomes live.

  1. Grammarly

This is a proofreading tool that makes your editing and proofreading simple. Written text is usually pasted in it and it will look for a wide range of mistakes that requires editing. The tool performs a run on the sentences, wordiness, passive voice, transitions among other editing aspects. The tool can be customized to search for specific mistakes and can really be useful if you have problems with something in most of your writings. 

  1. Spell Check Plus

Spell Check Plus editing tool is a simple option that doesn’t have the bells and whistles. To use it, paste the text in it and it will highlight your mistakes almost immediately. You can monitor what is not right all at once and get rid of it without much effort. It is a faster way to use especially when there is no time left to submit your assignment. 

  1. Byword

This app used in writing circles can be downloaded onto various devices. That means one can write a copy from where they are. It is also used on touch screen gadgets and most applicable for use by people who are always on the go. Byword is basically used for writing but also comes with great editing capabilities. While it enables you to work on your text from different platforms, you will also be able to check its accuracy as you continue to type. 

Final Thoughts

At this age, you don’t necessarily need the help of a paper editing service like Write My Essayz. There are great editing tools that can help you write meaningful sentences and grammatically correct content. Try out these 5 tools discussed here!