There are many information technology tools that are essential for a successful business. Click here to learn about information technology in businesses.

As a business owner or manager, it’s important to keep up with new technology innovations. With the right tech, you can increase productivity and growth.

The right systems can increase your business growth by 33%. Information technology in businesses allows for better working systems that provide this growth.

The best information technology will depend on your business.

There are some apps and systems that can help no matter what type of business you have, though. Here they are.

Information Technology in Businesses: 7 Key Tools

These are the tools and systems you use to store, send, and retrieve information. They include computer systems, software, and networks used to keep up with your files and other data.

This can include anything from e-mail automation tools to networking systems. Even mobile devices and computers you use fall into this category. In business, this includes the tools you use to track productivity and connect your team.

It’s important to research your information technology options as you seek innovations for your business. You want to find options that will meet your budget and provide the tools you need.

You also want to make sure the tools you purchase allow for scaling your growth. The resources you use should fit with your business strategy and goals now and later.

There are seven tools you can start with that every business needs. Always test new tools to make sure they provide the ROI you need.

  1. Cyber-Security Packages

Cybercrimes have cost $2 trillion in losses for those affected. On top of monetary losses, you lose customer trust and loyalty if your systems aren’t secure.

These losses make it important to set up security, including a firewall and antivirus program. Firewalls protect you from attacks. Antivirus scans your systems for viruses that can affect your use and threaten sensitive information.

These cyber-security systems help with privacy compliance by protecting your customer and company information.

  1. Project Management Apps

Employee productivity and team collaboration are important aspects of business growth. Your business needs a system in place to allow your team to share and track their projects.

A project management app allows you to assign and track projects for your team, no matter where they’re located. This helps with tracking progress so you can keep tabs on productivity. It also helps keep team members updated so they can work together.

  1. Cloud Storage

As remote workers gain popularity, it’s important to have a system for storing and sharing data. Cloud storage provides a storage system where your team can access files and other data over the internet.

Cloud storage allows your team to access information from any device. They just need the password to access the storage system. These storage systems also keep your data secure on a separate network for redundant cyber-security.

Cloud storage providers will have different storage options, so do your research. You want to find a storage option that provides enough room, but you don’t want to pay for more storage than you need.

  1. Online Conference Tools

Another useful tool for remote teams is an online conference system. This works well for teams that are in different areas. It also allows you to connect a traveling employee for a meeting.

Team members can sign in on the conference website to watch a presentation or see each other to have a discussion. These conferencing tools allow you to have an online call or interact through live chat systems. You can also share files in the live chat with some systems.

You can use online conference tools to provide web presentations for new leads and customers. This allows you to answer questions immediately so you can help them make a decision.

  1. VoIP or SIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phone systems use the internet to connect your phone. This helps cut down on phone costs, especially for international calls.

You can set up voice or video calls with these systems, as long as you have an internet connection. You can also use instant messaging or share data with your team. SIP systems allow you to share audio, video, and text files with customers or team members anywhere in the world.

Each VoIP provider has different service options, so make sure you research to find the best option for you. Read the service options so you make sure your system provides all the tools you need.

  1. Automated Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a necessary but time-consuming part of any business. If you keep up with your expenses and revenue, you can get a good idea of your business’s financial situation at a glance.

With automated bookkeeping systems, you can cut the time spent tracking your finances. You can connect your accounts to update your records immediately. You can also create financial reports directly from most bookkeeping systems.

You want to look for an automated bookkeeping system that’s compatible with your CRM and other IT tools. This helps connect your systems to make everything run smoothly.

  1. Managed IT Services

If you want to take care of many of your information technology needs with one package, you can sign up for a managed IT service. A managed service provider acts as a remote IT support team.

Managed IT services help by providing storage solutions and advise your team on the best technologies to fit your needs. They can also help you meet compliance needs for your industry.

Depending on the provider, they will also help you with specialized services. You can find a team to provide security updates or remote connection options. You can also get help with automation needs for many of the repetitive tasks involved in daily business.

Know Your Tech Options

Information technology in businesses is one of many tech options you need to keep up with for a growing business. To keep your business up-to-date, you want to keep up with business and industry innovations available.

If you want to stay informed, check out more technology news and tips daily on our blog.