Information technology has been seeing a strong and steady growth all over the world and has become a multi-billion dollar industry. One of the biggest come-ons of IT in business is the fact that it is dynamic and versatile, making it relatively applicable to any type or business or organization.

An IT consultancy firm reported that in 2005, the IT consulting business revenues reached a staggering $38.3 billion and almost doubled in 2015 at $60.8 billion. These involve all IT consulting firms in Virginia to every IT support companies around the world.

The science of IT is not new, in fact, it can be traced back to the time when man’s ancient ancestors developed the means to communicate with one another. What we now consider to be a crude and archaic means of communication by etching symbols into stone became the latest technology available to ancient man and thus, information technology was born and started to turn the wheel of progress and communication.

With IT rapidly evolving and resulted in the integration of computing systems, many businesses today rely on the power of IT. To drive the point, around 80% of business executives surveyed in the United States in 2016 believe that artificial intelligence-driven (AI) IT solutions are a substantial “business advantage.”

It has revolutionized the way humans handle the day to day operations of businesses and organizations, with IT-driven solutions doing the mundane and repetitive tasks to let more brainpower work on developing long-term and viable solutions for the future.

Here are three of the common reasons why IT has revolutionized businesses and organizations.

Enhanced data Integrity and Protection

Information technology systems ranging from electronic storage systems and network-based online protection have become fundamental components of a business model. Recently the Graziadio Business Report revealed that secure customer and operational data management is vital to business integrity.

Data storage systems, both on-site and cloud-based, keep information secure and protected by limiting access to authorized users in a network. It also allows authorized personnel to collaborate to retrieve, add or change documents or data. This is the go-to solution to a technological meltdown or glitch.

Streamlined Systems and Data Automation

No less than the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco claimed that information technology improves efficiency. Automating repetitive tasks through IT solutions give employees free time to work on important tasks while the system runs reports, create queries, track projects and monitor financials.

Enhanced capabilities for Dynamic Communication Channels

Communication is key to the smooth flow of operations and IT can provide tailored solutions to give your company the tools needed to communicate quickly and effectively. Employees can communicate easily with company email channels, video conferences, and real-time interaction through internal chat rooms.

This is how IT can boost business and the reasons why modern companies have embraced IT to lay out the foundations for the future of their businesses and organizations.