Designing and creating your backyard is one thing but maintaining it is a whole another story. But it also cannot be ignored, especially, if you have invested so much money and energy in creating something really special in your backyard. Many people dream about designing an open theater and a cozy sitting in their backyard but are hesitant to turn this idea into reality.

The idea of maintaining an open theater scares many people. They have believed a lot of myths which has led them to believe that an open theater does not last long and is a waste of money. And the reason behind this reluctance circles around the electronics, especially TV. As a TV has to be placed outside on the patio, there is a huge possibility that it may get damaged due to reasons like rain, wind, and dust, which is quite natural and true.

But companies have now come up with the outdoor televisions which have eliminated this problem. So do not hesitate and think twice before planning an outdoor theater as it worth investing in.

Following is a complete guide which can help you choose a perfect outdoor TV for your outdoor theater:

  1. Set a Price Range:

The first step before you invest in something expensive is to decide the amount of budget you want to spend. Setting up a budget creates a base for your research and helps you make a wise decision. The range can go up very high but you should pick the one which you are comfortable with. The purpose here is to find the television of the best quality and the latest technology within your price range.

2. Select the Placement:

The second step you need to take before looking at the television options is to select the area and wall where you will set up the TV. There are certain things to consider while selecting the perfect wall. You should choose the wall where you can set up a proper sitting for enough people. Uneasy sitting area will never let you have a good and comfortable experience. The second thing to consider is the lighting; too much brightness or dullness can ruin the whole charm of the TV screen. Another thing to consider is to select a wall that has a perfect angle towards the sitting area.

3. Select the Perfect Size:

The next thing to worry about is selecting the perfect size for your outdoor television. The size depends on first, the number of people who will usually watch that TV, second, the space you have, third, your personal choice and lastly, your budget. You may choose any size between 32 and 100 inches. Even if you choose a smaller one, pair it with some great quality speakers and it will double the effect.

4. Prioritize the Features:

This is probably the most important area to focus upon and compromising on the features of the television can cost you later. As the television is supposed to be placed outside, so the first thing you need to do is look for a waterproof outdoor television it will help protect your TV when it rains. People, nowadays, prefer to buy a smart TV where they can all kinds of applications and stream and movie or show. It is also important to check the compatibility of your TV; whether you want to connect it to your PlayStation, your laptop, or some other external devices. Choosing perfect features is even more important than choosing the look of the television. You are already investing is a good home outdoor theater; why not put in some more money and choose something which is latest and impressive.

5. Sound Quality:

The sound quality of your television should be really good if you want to set up a TV outside. The visual and audio effects are the major things that matter the most when you are enjoying television with your friends and family. Poor sound quality gives a very bad impression; you have to very careful that the sound is clear and not limited and also does not echo around.

6. Pick a good Company:

You should be very particular about the company you chose as it plays a big role in the functioning of your television. A good and reputed company will be very honest with you about the reliability and durability of the television whereas a dishonest company can lure you with false hopes. Apart from the good quality products, choose a company which provides you great service while and after buying the television. Warranted also plays a big role while buying a television; choose the company which provides you with good warranted offers and easy payment methods.