If you have ever wondered whether Facebook Ads are ideal for your business, it is time to pause and consider if your target audience is engaged in Facebook or not. The number of Facebook business pages have crossed 30 million and it accounts for more than 9% of the total amount spent on digital advertising. There is a question you need to ponder over, will facebook ad work for your business? Wondering about the same will not get you anywhere, the best way is to test the same and see the potential of the ad to reach your target audience. Here are simple ways you can test whether Facebook Ads will work for you or not.

  1. Pick a growth objective 

You need to start by knowing what your objective is. Consider a top level metric which aligns with your long term objectives. Consider the current assets, capacity, resources and then choose a metric which you can execute.

  1. Choose your target audience

If you do not have the customers identified, you might not be able to reach the right people. Picture the best customers for your business who are perfectly suitable for your product or service. Identify the customers through demographic information. It will help you in setting the ad target.

  1. Define parameters for testing

Here you have to define the success metrics as well as the timeline for execution. Take a moment and record this information. You will have to set a budget, a test start and end date and how you will define success. Align your expectations with boundaries and you are set to go.

  1. Choose an existing asset 

Pick any offer as long as it is already created and aligns with the objectives. Think of something you can use to save time and deploy the test quickly. Now create a Facebook Lead Ad in order to test if the users are willing to give their email id in exchange for your offer.

  1. Create the ad

You can learn to create a quick ad from this post from BearFoxMarketing.com. Simply start with a problem or a solution and then iterate it and test the hooks. The solution to the problem should be your product or service.

  1. Place the ad

You now have to deploy the ad and ensure it goes live. You can use the Ads manager on Facebook to place the ad. Simply create a campaign by choosing an objective, choose your audience characteristics and then place the ad.

  1. Analyze the results 

Now is the time for some analysis. Review the objective of the ad. Did the ad help you achieve the objective? A failed ad does not mean that Facebook ads are not effective. Is the conversion rate low? Did you get leads? Based on the amount you spent, did you generate adequate return? Even if you attract audience to the website, it is half the battle won.

Do not view a Facebook ad as failed test and work on another iteration to achieve your objective. There is no denying the fact that Facebook ads do help attract audience to the website.