PS2 emulator for android

With the invention of smartphones and its numerous applications, everything is now possible with just a few simple taps. Gamers who were once addicted to gaming consoles, now mostly play games in PCs and smartphones.

Talking about gaming consoles, we all know how popular Playstation 2 Game console in the market is, having more than 160 million users. It provides an unparallel experience of high-quality HD games with extraordinary graphics that drowns every gamer into a gaming paradise.

Smartphones today are providing quite an impressive gaming experience much like game consoles supporting the high-end HD games but still, there are many which are not supported by smartphones.

Due to this reason, PlayStation 2 emulators or PS2 emulators are specifically introduced for each platform like Android, Windows, Mac so that gamers can have the pleasure of real-time console games in their respective devices.

So let’s have a look at the PS2 emulators that are specifically made for the Android environment.

Ps2 emulator for android

1. Daemon PS2 Pro

It is the fastest ps2 emulator for android that supports almost all PS2 games. It runs flexibly in all Smartphones having Snapdragon 835 or 945 as their processor like Galaxy S series, Note Series etc.

The popular PS2 games supported by Daemon PS2 Pro are God of War II, Spider-Man 2, Resident Evil 4, Guitar Hero 2, Final Fantasy x etc. It is not free to use and comes in a paid version but once you buy it, you can be rest assured to have a flawless game console experience in your smartphones.

Daemon PS2 Pro is available in Google Play Store with the price mentioned, and you can also download it from the third party source through this link .

2. Gold PS2 Emulator

If you are looking forward to having the pleasure of game consoles in Android for free, Gold PS2 Emulator is the one you should go with. This ps2 emulator for android is extremely light and runs smoothly on all latest smartphones giving you the best experience of the trending PS2 games.

In spite of coming in a free version, the emulator provides high-quality graphics for the games. It gives you similar experience like PPSSPP supporting Neon Acceleration and other similar features.

 It also supports Gamepad and provides you gaming flexibility by resuming and playing it any point of time, saving and loading the state of game, enhanced sound effects and many more.

Gold PS2 Emulator is available in Google Play Store to download for free and you can also download it from third-party sources through this link .

3. New PS2 Emulator

It is another excellent free ps2 emulator for android that supports various ps2 games and the best part is it features a list of the supported games, so you can choose as per the list to download and play.

 It is one of the latest emulators of 2018 and is widely supported in all high-end Android devices like OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T, Xiaomi Redmi4, Samsung Galaxy series and all that are running of Snapdragon 821 processor.

It gives you real-time game console experience by supporting more than 90 percent of the ps2 games with user guideline, attractive themes, easy to use control interface, and also comes with a virtual PS2 controller.

New PS2 Emulator is available in google play store and you can also download its apk file from here .

4. Professional PS2 Emulator 2018

Professional PS2 Emulator 2018 gives you a high-quality game console experience in your smartphones with outstanding HD graphics, unparallel sound quality and a very easy to use control interface.

The emulator supports all trending PS2 games and runs smoothly on all high configured android devices. Some of the popular games supported by this emulator are- WWF War Zone, Driver 2, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 2, Tomb Raider III, Tekken 3 etc.

You can download the APK file this emulator to install various PS2 games and the above-mentioned ones. You can get the APK file from here .

5. Super PS2 Emulator 2018

It is another brand new ps2 emulator that supports 4K resolution PS2 games having high-quality graphics and realistic sound.

The emulator supports .CSO,.ISO file formats so while you download ps2 games you need to transform them into these file formats and store them in /PSP/GAME section of your SD card.

The emulator provides smooth and flexible gaming experience with no bugs and is completely free to download from Google Play store. It supports multi-format and widescreen games along with gamepad.

The Super PS2 Emulator can be downloaded from Google Play store and you can also download the apk file from the third-party source through this link .


The above-mentioned ps2 emulators for android give you’re a great experience of the game console in smartphones at an affordable price without spending huge bucks on the real ps2 game console.

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