Top iOS development tools


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April 6,2016 Https:// 243M

Java to iOS

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j2Objc Https://
RoboVM Http://

Xcode plugin

name description
FuzzyAutocompletePlugin Provides more flexible auto-completion features in addition to prefix matching, supporting Xcode 5+
SCXcodeMiniMap SCXcodeMiniMap adds code map functionality to Xcode
Show in Github You can directly open the commit page corresponding to the row currently being edited on Github.
BBUFullIssueNavigator This plugin allows Xcode to display all issue content in the issue navigation bar.
BBUDebuggerTuckAway Hide the Xcode plugin for the debugger bar when you start editing
SCXcodeSwitchExpander SCXcodeSwitchExpander is a plugin that can help you expand the switch statement, and will automatically insert case statements for you.
VVDocumenter-Xcode Convenient to write standard commented Xcode plugins
XAlign An Xcode code automatically aligns the plugin, which can use a custom pattern to align anything
Cocoapods-xcode-plugin Xcode plugin for the management tool CocoaPods
KSImageNamed-Xcode A plugin that provides automatic completion of image names
ColorSense-for-Xcode Visual color selection plugin
Backlight-for-XCode Highlight the current edited line
UIColor-Hex-Swift A convenient way to create autorelease colors with hex strings
KPRunEverywhereXcodePlugin Build on multiple iOS devices with one click, run the app
RevealPlugin An Xcode plugin that automatically integrates the Reveal App with your project
RealmPlugin Generate Xcode plugin for Realm model
AdjustFontSize Use ⌘ + / ⌘ – shortcut keys to adjust font size
Lin This plugin provides an autocomplete plugin for NSLocalizedString
Rephrase Xcode plugin for localization
XCActionBar Xcode’s Alfred
QuickJump Xcode quick code navigation.
CATweaker A plugin for creating beautiful CAMediaTimingFunction curves
XcodeWay Easily navigate to multiple places
GitDiff Will be highlighted with different code in the git repository
MCLog Plugin for console content filtering
XToDo A dialog box showing the list of TODO, FIXME, ??? and !!! in the project
CopyIssue Make copying Xcode issuse descriptions easier
RTImageAssets Plugin that automatically generates all the App icons you need
BBUncrustifyPlugin-Xcode Plugin for formatting code using ClangFormat or Uncrustify
Aviator This plugin brings AppCode’s ⇧⌘T (source/test switch) to Xcode
JumpMarks Use an ordered bookmark to navigate your code
XCSnippetr Upload code snippets directly to Slack and Gist’s Xcode plugin
Peckham Provide a code hint by using #import to reference any file in the project
MLAutoReplace Fast coding and code formatting plugins to increase your coding speed
Chameleon Flat color frame for iOS (Obj-C & Swift)
AutoHighlightSymbol Highlight all instances corresponding to the selected symbol
Reveal-In-GitHub Jump to the GitHub repository with History, Blame, PRs, Issues, Notifications with a shortcut
CleanHeaders-Xcode Header file sorting and deduplication plugins like iSort, making your header files look more orderly
Luft Help you implement the lightweight Xcode plugin for View Controller


name description
Shark Swift script to convert the .xcassets folder into a type-safe enumeration
R.swift In the Swift project, a powerful tool for automatically completing resource names, including images, cells, and segue tools
SwiftGen A collection of generated Swift code tools (generating the enumeration of resources, storyboard, localized strings, and UIColor)
Localize-Swift Swift 2.0 implements the ability to switch languages ​​in your app to help your app achieve friendly localization and internationalization
Blade Generate Xcode image catalogs, global images and other related stuff for iOS and OS X apps
Retini A super simple Retina (2x, 3x) image converter
Provisioning A viewer plugin for previewing .mobileprovision files.
Strsync Automatically translate and synchronize the .strings file with the default language


name description
CrashMonkey Monkey test tool for iOS platform
Appium Appium is an open source automated testing framework. Used to test native or hybrid apps
Robotframework-appiumlibrary AppiumLibrary is an appium testing framework for RobotFramwork
Cucumber iOS BDD framework
Kif A functional test framework for iOS
Subliminal A conservative iOS integration testing framework
UIAutomation A JavaScript library that tests your user interface elements on a connected device using a script
Ios-driver Test any iOS native, hybrid or mobile web app with Selenium / WebDriver
Zucchini Visual iOS test framework
Remote Control your iPhone inside Xcode for end-to-end testing

Other tests

name description
NaughtyKeyboard A large list of dangerous strings that are very likely to cause bugs when the user enters these strings. This is a keyboard for testing your app on your iOS device.
PonyDebugger Remote network and data debugging of your iOS app with Chrome Developer Tools
Ios-snapshot-test-case iOS unit test using screen shots

Beta test release

name description
Crashlytics A crash report and beta test service.
TestFlight Beta Testing Beta test service supported by iTunes Connect.
HockeyApp On HockeyApp you can publish a beta version of your app, collect real-time crash reports, get user feedback, and analyze test coverage.


name description
Fastlane Consolidate all iOS deployment tools into one workflow
Deliver Deploy screenshots, app metadata and AppStore app updates, all with just one command
Sync Automatically create screenshots of all languages ​​and all devices

App Store

name description
Average App Store Review Times This site can track both iOS and Mac versions of the AppStore, using crowdsourced data from iOS and Mac developers.
Apple’s Common App Rejections Styleguide Some important FAQs that cause apps to be rejected by Apple
Free App Store Optimization Tool Lets you visually track your App Store data from a keyword and competitor perspective

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