An LCD projector which is based on liquid crystal displays which delivers data, images and video. These works on trans-missive technology. LCD projectors are very prominent because these are cheaper than other projectors and deliver excellent color images. These are mostly used in the business seminars, meetings and presentations.

How does an LCD projector work?

This type of projector uses 3 LCD technology systems with the identical LCD displays which are used to form images in the watches and other electronic appliances. This system comprises of the three liquid displays where the image is formed through multiple processes. A light source depicts rays of white light which is moved through three mirrors which is specially configured to reflect a particular wavelength of light.

The mirrors emit blue, green and red wavelengths. An electrical signal is received whenever a beam of light is fed on to the LCD panel. The image is formed according to the signal which is instructed by the panels. The same image is formed in all the three LCD panels with different hues because of the colored light in the panel. The images are captured in a prism and forma a single image with 16.7 million colors. Finally the images are derived through the lenses for projection to the screen.

Disadvantages of LCD projectors

  1. It’s a disadvantage to have sharper images as accurate focusing makes pixilation apparent.
  2. Pure black images can’t be produced by these projectors if the model of the projectors is old.
  3. These are less portable.
  4. The image quality degrades as there are many parts in LCD projectors.

Advantages of LCD projectors

  1. Better picture quality delivered if compared with other projectors.
  2. This projector delivers sharp images with equal resolutions.
  3. LCD projectors have inbuilt small wattage lamps which produces bright images.

What Are the Benefits of LCD Projectors in Schools?

The following are the benefits of LCD projectors in schools:-

1.LCD projectors comes with huge screens and delivers excellent quality of images , videos, data and presentations which makes it easier for both teachers and students to read and teach from these large screen.

2. Through these projectors the teachers can teach the students in the most advanced manner for example, they can teach all the subjects with the help of displays and educational videos which is really interesting for the students to learn and study.

3. LCD projectors can be easily connected to the computers and other electronic devices which are not possible by other projectors, the trouble shoot techniques are quite easy to learn, so if there is any technical issue while teaching teachers can themselves solves this issue by their own.

4. A number of teachers who have taught through these projectors claim that it is very easy to teach through these. These projectors also portrays many new ways of teachings as well. From the boring concept of teachers writing on the board and teaching, these projectors depicts a novice style of teaching through videos and presentations. This has shown that students are more interested to study and learn from this mode of teaching.

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