Whether you are looking to add extra security to your home or business, a camera will be great for you. Security is a very important part of 21st-century living. In this time, there is even more of a need to protect yourself, your home and your property. Cameras are great for capturing any suspicious behavior on your property.

When it comes to choosing your camera, there are many things which you must consider. Some of these things are cost, convenience, video clarity, remote monitoring among others.

The most popular types of security cameras on the market today are either IP cameras or CCTV Cameras. This camera function varies differently from each other; hence we will go over some differences.

What is an IP Camera?

IP cameras are also called Internet Protocol cameras (IP). These devices are digital video cameras which transmit video footage over the internet or computer network. With an IP camera video footage is stored digitally or online using a video network recorder (VNR). There are also many more storage options such as storage on an external drive or cloud storage.

IP cameras are easy to install, affordable and more suitable for the average person. They can also be used along with CCTV cameras to cover more areas and even blind spots. Blind spots are areas that a camera cannot see.

IP cameras are multipurpose and can be used by businesses as well as for personal use. IP cameras are better for monitoring your business or home when you travel or when you are away from other reasons.

Types of IP Cameras

IP cameras come in many forms. Some of these are:

Indoor- This is an IP camera that is best suited for indoors. These can be used on the balcony, within your home or office.

Outdoor – This is an IP camera that is best suited for outdoors. These cameras are equipped with day/night feature and can used anywhere you wish to place it.

Wireless- This is an IP camera that connects with no wires.

Buying options for these cameras include: Simplisafe Simplicam, Amcrest 720P and D-Link IP camera among others.

 What is a CCTV Camera?

A CCTV camera is also called a closed-circuit television. This surveillance system transmits the feed from your security camera to a specific location. A CCTV camera functions with a network of security cameras that a strategically placed and often has humans monitoring them.

With these cameras, there is the option of recording the footage on a digital video recorder (DVR). With this, external or remote viewing may also be available.

CCTV Cameras are commonly used in businesses or by the government. It is also often used for monitoring large surface areas such as; banks, academic institutions, parks or playgrounds and banks. Most times, these cameras are used to monitor public behavior in areas where large amounts of people typically are.

Types of CCTV Cameras

There are many types of CCTV Cameras such as battery-powered cameras, bullet security cameras and wireless CCTV cameras. Buying options include:  Pecham HD 1200TVL, Wide angle security camera and IR security camera.

Summing Up

 In choosing a security camera from your home or business, you have many options. You wish to get a camera for your business which typically gets a lot of traffic. In this case, a CCTV camera may be best suited for you. If you just need a simple camera for your home, then you can choose an IP camera. Depending on the reason you need the camera, yourbuying guide will differ. So, think carefully before making your purchase.