In today’s world when it comes to technology it is something after which the world is going crazy and which is ruling the world currently. It has become an important aspect to live our life.

Starting from Smartphone to Mac book there has been a huge advancement in technology in the last 10 years. Among them, Smartphone and iPhones are a lifestyle now.

One of the most important decisions for the young generations today is to go for Android or iPhone. With the increasing demands of the population globally these two technologies have been flourished in the market at an enormous rate and people are chasing it.

So the question arises which one to choose. If we see in terms of user-friendly, battery backup, crystal clear display, camera quality, multiple window features and a plenty of storage space android is really good but we are never satisfied with what we have and we always look for more and that makes iOS beat android in some cases.

In terms of advanced feature, speed, crystal clear camera quality and an end to end security there is nothing better than IOS. If we talk about cost effectiveness which plays a vital factor for customers Android is best.

So now what about that amount of population who is having android but is craving for iOS ??? Well, technology has a solution to all our problems. Now with the help of iOS Emulator, we can have the taste of iPhone in a Smartphone.

iPhone Emulator for Android can convert android Smartphone easily into the iPhone without buying it. With the help of iOS Emulator for Android, we can now enjoy the different kinds of apps and games which are only for iPhone and can’t be downloaded in android.

Even the iOS developers can test their app with the help of iOS Emulator for Android without any iOS device. Installing iOS Emulator for Android is not a very complex process; all we need is patience and a clear understanding of the different ways of installation.

One of the most effective iOS Emulator for Android is iEMU Emulator also known as Padiod APK. It doesn’t require a huge storage space for installation and at the same time helps the user to run iOS apps on android without any issues. It is an open source emulator and a simplified method of running iOS on Android.

How to iOS Emulator for Android

We can download it in the following ways:-

  • Download IOS Emulator for Android (iEMU)
  • Go to Android System Settings click Security and then click Allow the device to install Application from unknown sources.
  • Search the downloaded APK file
  • Install by clicking it  

Requirements for iOS Emulator for Android:-

The Android phone must have at least 512 MB of RAM and a stable internet connection. Space required by the iPhone Emulator for Android will be 65 MB.

Other popular iOS emulator is:

  • All in One iOS Emulator
  • Appetize iOS Emulator

Just like the iOS emulator for Android, there is also a major part of the population who switched over to iOS and wish they could go back to android once again due to its simple and user-friendly feature. They wish for the simple play store to download apps easily without creating any apple id and password, unlike iPhone.

So the same goes for these people too. They can have the facility of an Android environment on their iPhone without buying a new set with the help of Android Emulator for iOS . Also, it enables users to enjoy apps and games for an Android environment which are not supported in iOS .

The Android Emulator for iOS is free to install and doesn’t harm any IOS files or folders in the device. It confides to the limitations of apple and helps users enjoy a happy and safe android environment. The user can easily switch between Android and IOS on their device as and when required and can also remove the android emulator if they no longer need it.

Android Emulator for IOS can be used in Ipads, iPod along with iPhone. The emulator helps to enhance the IOS features be it play store or pattern lock for lock screen or app lock or simple to use android picture gallery. Following are the steps to install Android Emulator for IOS.

Before downloading Android Emulator it is important to install Cydia in iPhone or Ipad and then install Android App.

  • Open Cydia in iPhone or Ipad, Click on Manage and Download iandroid app and install
  • Three options will be available:-
  1. Storage
  2. Sources
  3. Packages

 Click on “Sources”

  • In the sources present in Cydia search for the source and add it.
  • After adding the source successfully clicks on the iAndroid tool from the series of all the apps found.
  • Click on install and wait for sometime
  • After installation is successful go back to the main menu and an iAndroid option will be there in the menu of iPhone or iPad
  • Just a single tap on the iAndroid option will help you open all the android features and enjoy Android in IOS.

Requirements for Android Emulator for iOS:-

Whether it is iPhone or Ipad it is important that the IOS version should be minimum IOS 6.0 or above and the device must confide to Apple’s set of rules and limitations without being jail-broken.

So this is how we can use the two most popular technologies “Android” and “IOS” for our own benefits with cost-effectively and flexibility. A major thanks to the latest advanced technology for letting us enjoy its fruits free of cost and making our lifestyle easy and happening.