At present, the iOS-based APP application has huge market potential, and many well-known control manufacturers have also launched new controls that support the creation of iOS platform applications. Next, Huidu will take care of those who can develop iphone and ipad applications. The control of the program.

1, DevExpress

As the leader of the interface control, DevExpress introduced the related controls that support the creation of iOS applications in the DXperience 11.2 version two years ago, so that users do not need to learn Xcode and Objective C, use Visual Studio and Asp.Net technology. Can achieve development of apps for iOS. A comprehensive upgrade of functionality has been implemented in DXperience 12.1. Optimize the touch screen interface, use the existing library, realize most of the interactive functions in iOS, support the content scrolling, zooming, dragging, and modifying the interface elements, making it more suitable for the user’s fingertip size, thus obtaining Better touch screen experience. All Asp.Net controls in DXperience support the creation of iOS applications. There are 16 types of sub-controls, including Data Grid, Charting, etc., which fully support iphone and iPad application development.

2, ComponentOne

ComponentOne Studio for iPhone is a component of ComponentOne that is specially developed for iPhone web application development. It contains 12 sub-controls, including Buttons control that can create familiar buttons for iPhone users, CoverFlow controls for creating 3D animated visual navigation, and so on. Web applications can be applied to iOS using existing ASP.NET technologies. It’s very easy to use and strictly adheres to iOS’s UX user experience standard, just drag and drop controls and use the editor to create an excellent iOS app for user experience. It supports bottom content scrolling and custom screen size, so it can support the creation of iPhone and iPad apps at the same time.

3, infragistics

There are four toolsets for mobile development in NetAdvantage Ultimate: Ignite UI (formerly NetAdvantage for jQuery), NUCliOS, Iguana UI Community Pack, and NetAdvantage for Windows Phone. Among them NUCliOS can provide native Objective C language controls to create applications that support ipad and iphone. He mainly provides iOS chart controls, including 25 different chart types, including line charts, histograms, etc., and supports Motion Framework. One of his great features is the Grid control that supports iOS, which can handle large amounts of data and provide advanced styles such as styling and templates, data binding and packet filtering. Develop native iOS apps with Objective C and Xcode development languages ​​using APIs familiar to iOS system developers.

4. Resco Resco MobileApp Studio relies on MonoTouch to develop native iOS apps using the Microsoft .NET framework. It includes 7 sub-controls, such as CompactChart for creating charts, CalendarCalendar for calendar control, and LocationServices for iOS applications. It supports color gradient, multi-touch interaction, smooth scrolling, etc., allowing the use of google map service for Create the most standard iOS look and feel, support iPhone, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad2, smooth scrolling, is a very comprehensive mobile program development tool.

5, ComponentArt

As a control manufacturer specializing in data visualization, ComponentArt’s Mobile Dashboard Serve is also very special as a control for iOS. It mainly includes controls for data visualization such as Charting, Gauges, DataGrids, and Maps. Support for connecting any data source using the XAML language for development on Silverlight and WPF platforms, you can create iOS apps via Html5 without writing JavaScript code.

Comparison of the above iOS APP development controls:

DevExpress ComponentOne Infragistics Resco ComponentArt
Technical highlights HTML5 HTML5 Native 
Objective C
Native MonoTouch HTML5
Hardware support iPod, iPad. iPhone iPod, iPad. iPhone iPod, iPad. iPhone iPod, iPad. iPhone iPod, iPad. iPhone
Number of child controls 16 12 4 7 6
Effect and interactivity ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆

1. Technical highlights

DevExpress, ComponentOne, and ComponentArt’s products are all created by the most popular Html5 technology. Due to the extensive application and advanced technology of Html5, it is considered to replace the status of native iOS applications. Html5 technology can be used to include One-time development of products on multiple platforms within iOS saves development costs. But compared to iOS native apps, HTML5 is set up based on all browsers, so more technical compromises are required, which compromises the user experience.

Developed by infragistics, NetAdvantage Ultimate is the most traditional iOS application development tool for developing native iOS apps with Objective C and Xcode. 
Resco MobileApp Studio is based on MonoTouch to develop native iOS apps using the Microsoft .NET framework. In contrast, Resco offers a much simpler way to develop complex Objective C and Xcode, but requires additional development tools like MonoTouch.

Developed by NetAdvantage Ultimate and Resco MobileApp Studio, the application has its own unparalleled advantages due to its native iOS application. It has stable offline access, a specific interface, and free access to specific hardware and software functions. .

2, hardware device support

The applications developed by these five products can be run on iOS systems installed on all devices such as Apple iPhone and iPad.

3, iOS version support

The products of DevExpress, ComponentOne, and ComponentArt are not native applications, so the changes in the iOS version have no effect on the space itself, but the products developed must be constantly changed according to the iOS version update, after all, Apple Always control the main control, it can decide which third-party applications can run on iOS devices. For example, every major update to iOS can bring new APIs to developers, and each new generation of hardware also provides new network connectivity options, radio and other hardware features. In this case, non-native iOS apps are hard to guarantee their adaptability.

NetAdvantage Ultimate and Resco MobileApp Studio developed by infragistics are based on the generation of native iOS applications, so the control itself is updated as the iOS version is upgraded.

4, the number and comprehensiveness of child controls

DevExpress’s products include the most sub-controls, with 16 sub-controls, and feature-rich.

C1’s ComponentOne Studio for iPhone packs 12 of the mobile development sub-controls, making it easy to use, and it takes only a few minutes to complete iOS app development.

NetAdvantage Ultimate, developed by infragistics, has only four child controls associated with the chart.

Resco MobileApp Studio has 7 sub-controls, although not many, but it covers all aspects of mobile application development.

ComponentArt’s Mobile Dashboard Serve contains six controls that are closely related to data visualization.

5, effect and interactivity

DevExpress’s products are rich in features due to their inherent technical advantages, and the interface design is very delicate and beautiful.

ComponentOne Studio for iPhone works well with the user experience through the strict iphone UX user experience standard.

The main update of NetAdvantage Ultimate developed by Infragistics is the chart sub-control NUCliOS, so it is extremely powerful in user interface chart design and data processing capabilities, and can create iOS native applications.

The application interface designed by Resco MobileApp Studio is relatively rough, but because it has a map control, it can use google map, which is unmatched by several other products.

ComponentArt’s Mobile Dashboard Serve performs exceptionally well in data interaction and display, and is impeccable.