It is estimated that about two-thirds of the marketers will increase their investment in influencer marketing by the beginning of 2020. This is mostly because of the increasing popularity of bloggers and influencers over social media.

For small businesses, endorsing these individuals who can influence their audience is the new weapon in their marketing arsenal. But should you be hiring just any blogger?

This article gives you an insight into what should be your approach to for your influencer marketing.

Things Consider For Your Influencer Marketing

  • The Size And Type Of Audience Matters

When considering influencer marketing, you may need to reach out to the bloggers who have a huge fan following. But the size only may not bring you the desired results. You need to settle for someone who has a sizeable audience that engages with the content. Mere size or engagement does not help your business convert leads, or for that matter, reach the full potential of your campaign.

  • It’s More About Experience Than Sales Pitch

An influencer does not pitch their followers to promote sales for any product or service. In the world of digital marketing, it is the experience that the blogger has had that matters to its audience more than anything. It is crucial that you create your content in such a manner that it looks naturally promoting the good features of your product. The more your content educates and influences the audience, the better are your chances to convert leads.

  • Does The Status Of Influencer Matter?

A common myth that stops many business owners to invest in influencer marketing is the status of the blogger. It is not at all compulsory that the influencer needs to be a celebrity. Non-celeb influencers can also make a whole lot of difference to your marketing efforts. For example, when Nike decided to use influencer marketing for promoting their Air Vapormax series, the influencer received over 6 million views on youtube. And through this referral link, Nike received about 50,000 views on their own channel. The astonishing fact is, the influencer was no celebrity, but just a famed YouTuber.

  • Plan Your Strategy In Sync With The Influencer

An important part of your influencer marketing is syncing your content with the influencer. Portlynn Hart from SocialBook ( says that small companies can successfully use influencer marketing to increase brand awareness and sales. As long as you study the style and content of the influencer and try to keep in sync with the same, the chances that your campaign would bring in high ROI are increased. Talk with your partner (the influencer) regarding what should be the strategy and how can you gain more leads.

  • Identify The Influencer’s Target Audience?

Nevertheless, the most important factor which can decide the success of your marketing campaign is the identification of the target audience. Partnering with an influencer that has no relation to your industry can surely flush all your efforts and resources down the drain. For example, if you deal with beauty products, an influencer who specializes in beauty products is more suitable for your business rather than the one who specializes in the fashion industry. Of course, the influencer within your niche would have your target audience as their followers. And, that is what you need.

  • Should You Be Focusing On Link Building?

When targeting a specific audience, you need people to reach your website or your online store. These influencers can not only help with branding and promotions of your website but also can help redirect referral traffic to your website. For this, you should be seeking a backlink to your website from their domain. These backlinks can help with improving your website’s SERP ranking as well as bring in more vows for your content. A win-win situation for all. You get traffic for your website, whereas, the blogger gets high-quality content for their blog. Additionally, the blogger may demand some financial support in the exchange for your mentions on their blog. Thus, helping you build strong relations with the influencers online.

Whether you are a small business owner, or a renowned brand’s director, considering influencer marketing for your website can change the game. The best part is, when compared with the conventional marketing tactics, influencer marketing brings in more returns for your investment.

Moreover, you can not measure the total number of visitors to your marketing efforts, when you undertake conventional methods. Whereas, digital media offers accurate statistics to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Keep these tips in mind when you plan to use influencer marketing for your brand.