After someone subscribes to your youtube video channel, once you post a new video, they will be prompted, you have a small media!

Don’t forget that these people are potential customers~ and they are looking for their own.

It is of course important to increase the number of subscriptions( If you still struggling for subscriber then you can Buy Youtube subscribers), and it is exactly the same as promotion. To sum it up:

Keyword optimization

The keywords are wrong, of course there is no traffic.

Synonyms, synonyms, and related keywords should be summed up.

Have you seen the video tutorial for the gofair keyword generator?  You can use any tools like Google keyword planner( Free tools for searching keywords), semrush or ahref.

You can also check how top videos using keywords and you can also use in similar way.

Improve video quality

The post-editing of videos in our nephew plan is very important. The video grade has been improved and someone is willing to subscribe!

Now do foreign trade short video marketing, no English subtitles and English dubbing, I advise you to forget it.

Quality is always more preferable for user then quantity. So make sure to create best quality of video and You can use best quality camera( if you don’t have camera then try good megapixel mobile as well) and tripod.

Peripheral promotion

Put your YouTube video to a variety of places to share, and compile a network is the essence of Internet marketing!

You can also create blog and keep posting there. social media also good option to share your video.

If you follow all above this then it will surely help you to get ranking of your keyword. You can also suggest how you are promoting your video and how you are getting more subscription.