Browsing slowing to a crawl? Or your YouTube video taking lot of time in loading even?

If you are also facing similar issue then you need booster for internet signal.

If you are not aware about what booster is? then for your information its  boosting or amplifying cellphone existing signals.

cell phone signal booster is made up of 3 main thing

  •  exterior antenna
  • amplifier
  • interior antenna

The main purpose of cellular phone signal booster is to amplify existing cell phone signal at your home, office or car. So weak signal area also get good enough signal.

Pros & Cons of Cell Phone Signal as a Main Source for Internet

signal starts out strong from the cellphone tower. But due to many thing outside and  interference (like mountains,trees, hills, and tall structures like buildings and other high urban structures). Then due to building material and conductive material it become more week when reach in home or office.

So by the time signal reach to your phone its become extremely week and even if you raise your phone in air in hoping to get good signal then also your will not get as expected.

Do you know Working of Cell Phone Booster?

Initially, the cell phone reception is captured by our home or office outside antenna. Once it receive then amplify by cellular repeater and rebroadcast again in whole building though inside antenna that helping increasing more bar in your cell phone even you are at remote place. You can enjoy then fast internet browsing, download and upload process.

It not only help in boosting signal but also save battery life and extend approx 180 min talk time.

Different Types Of Cell Phone Repeater Reception Boosters

Smart Signal Boosters

This is costlier than analog one but cover more area as well as many more feature like no outdoor antenna required and plug n play.

Analog Signal Repeaters

It use tradition technology to boost signal and most of amplifier today belongs to this category. sometime this signal repeater also called Bi-Directional repeaters/amplifier.

Why Your Signal Is Weak?

  • Interference From The Inside.
  • Distance Between The Cellular Tower And Your Vehicle/Home.
  • Interferences From The Outside.

Buy cell phone signal booster today, if you are facing weak network or internet speed problem in office or home otherwise it can impact your business or work in other way.

Apart from device you can also use android app to boost your signal.