When we want to use the Bluetooth device in the win10 system , we must install the corresponding Bluetooth driver, but sometimes we may encounter some problems and need to uninstall the Bluetooth driver. How can the win10 system uninstall the Bluetooth driver? To this end, the small series brings you specific steps as follows.

1. Right click on the icon of my computer on the desktop and select Manage. After clicking “Manage”;

2, the computer management window will pop up, click “Device Manager”, you will see the list information of the device on the right side;

3, we find the Bluetooth option, click on the arrow in front of the Bluetooth (XP system is clicked before the Bluetooth plus) can see the detailed device description;

4. On the Bluetooth device, click the right mouse button and select Uninstall. If the “Confirm Device Uninstall” dialog box pops up during uninstallation, you need to check “Remove the driver software for this device”.

5. Wait for the progress bar to finish, and make sure the Bluetooth driver is uninstalled.

 The above is to introduce you to the detailed operation steps of how to uninstall the Bluetooth driver under win10 system, you can follow the above method to operate it.