We were unable to connect to the network while using the computer. Today, Theencarta tells you how to solve the problem of not connecting to the Internet, and provides years of IT experience in the following.

The basic steps of the professional network engineer’s basic judgment is to detect the physical network cable connection -> network status -> network card driver configuration -> software and system problems -> wireless router equipment and other steps; often use some professional commands, such as Ipconfig, netstat, Ping, tracert.

However, such troubleshooting is too complicated for everyone. Here, I have compiled a few common methods for solving network problems. You only need to follow the hands-on and collect more likes to solve your own network problems.

First, check if there is a network

Many times, the computer does not have a network, it may not be a computer problem, but a problem with the network itself. Therefore, you should first look at whether the network devices such as routers are running normally, the computer can’t access the Internet, and other devices connected to the same network, such as other computers and mobile phones, can see if they can access the Internet.

Check if the network device is working properly. Power supply, network cable is plugged in.

If other devices, such as smartphones, can access the Internet, it means the network is ok, the problem is on your computer. However, if other devices can’t access the Internet, it is a network problem. Check whether the network equipment, network cable, etc. are connected. If there is no problem, it may be a network line problem. Please do not hesitate to contact the network operator for repair.

Below, we are mainly based on the normal network, the computer can not connect to the network solution.

Second, check the network card driver

WIN+R opens the run box, enter devmgmt.msc and press Enter to open the device manager to see if the network adapter has a yellow exclamation point. If you need to install or update the NIC driver. Download the computer network card official website driver, or drive the wizard or drive the life network card version, and install the driver to use normally.

Third, restart the network card

If the driver is installed or the connection is not successful, open the Control Panel, find Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings, right mouse button to disable local or wireless network connection, right mouse button to open local connection or wireless network connection. The easiest is to restart the computer.

Fourth, check the IPV4 settings

If you are a home dial-up, open the Network Sharing Center -> Wireless Network Connection or Local Area Connection -> Properties -> Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) to automatically obtain IP or DNS. Setting the configuration before the backup before can usually solve the problem.

Five, DNS cache cleanup

If the network still can’t connect, you can try to clear the DNS cache; then we click Start -> Run Input: CMD, enter: ipconfig /flushdns in the CMD window to complete the operation.

Six, winsock reset

You can also try to reset the Winsock directory, right click and run, click [Run as administrator] CMD and then enter: netsh winsock reset, restart the computer after completing the above operation, it should solve your problem!

The last big move

This method can solve 90% network failure of the computer.

For simple Internet access, the network cable is not plugged in, the network driver is abnormal, the network card is disabled, the network service is not turned on, and so on. Xiao Bian here suggests that you try the Broken Net First Aid Kit tool that 360 Security Guard has. Sometimes it will have a miraculous effect.

First of all, your computer must have installed 360 security guards before.

2. Open the 360 ​​security guards, find and search to find the “360 Broken Network First Aid Kit”, open the use of comprehensive diagnostics, wait for the test to be completed, you can check the network configuration for problems. If you have any problems, click “Repair Now” to solve the common online problem, as shown above.

(Baidu has a separate version of the 360 ​​Broken Network First Aid Kit )

The above is to solve the network failure problem by using the 360 ​​network first-aid kit tool through the network card driver configuration initialization and other operational steps. Although this method may not solve all network failures, in the comprehensive diagnosis, various network configuration problems existing in the computer will be prompted to solve the network problem later. If you are a computer white, can not repair the network problem, it is recommended to find a computer to help solve the problem.

Speaking of these hopes can help everyone, if you still have questions, you can leave a message in the comment box below. I will do my best to answer your questions.