run android app on PC

I recently wanted to use the reading on the PC to read the book and found that there is no PC software. The general method is to install a virtual machine such as bluestack, or install android-x86. 
Occasionally found a more interesting project is to google a set of plug-ins running APK on the chrome browser, you can convert apk to chrome broswer 
plug-in. And the speed is ok.

Run android app on PC – steps

Install the ARChon Custom Runtime plugin

  1. Follow the system to download the ARCon Rutime plugin, I am under Intel-x86_64
  2. After downloading, extract it to the local, open “developer mode” in chrome://extensions in browser, select “load unzipped extension”
  3. The ARChon Custom Runtime plugin is installed.

Convert apk to chrome browser plugin

  1. Install nmp on linux system, such as sudo apt-get install nmp
  2. Install the chromeos-apk conversion tool via nmp. Such as sudo nmp install chromeos-apk -g
  3. Convert apk, chromeos-apk duokan.apk –tablet, here you need to provide the correct apk package name, then generate directory

Load the duokan plugin into the chrome browser

  1. Just like loading the plugin above, open chrome://extensions and select “Load unzipped extension”
  2. Then you can see this program in chrome://apps, double click to run

Problems encountered

  1. Error: CERT_UNTRUSTED is resolved 
    by nmp config set strict-ssl false when installing chromeos-apk
  2. You need to provide apk registration when using chromeos-apk conversion, similar to the com.duokan.hdreader 
    package name in the URL of the general app download site, such as
  3. “no “message” for key extName appears when loading the converted plugin” 
    because the chromeos-apk version is old, do not add this entry in _locals/en/message.json, open this file yourself, add 
    “message”: “com.duokan.hdreader” is fine. Or upgrade chromeos-apk to the latest.

Hope you like how to run android app on PC …