Instagram’s strong visual appeal provides a wide range of marketing opportunities for businesses of any size.

Here are 8 ways to promote your brand on Instagram, interact with your fans and make them your customers, of course, first you need to create an Instagram account .

1. Connect Instagram to your other social media accounts

If you connect your Instagram to your Twitter and Facebook accounts ( >>Facebook personal account registration and usage tips ), then any images you share on Instagram will be automatically posted to your other social media accounts.

People can click on these shares to view your Instagram , such as an image, they can comment on it, or follow your brand. This way you will get more attention and target customers.

Tip: You can connect Instagram to other social networking sites by launching the sharing settings in Settings. You can also add the company’s URL to the content of the homepage to make it easier for viewers to browse your site.

Instagram, like Facebook, can choose your audience when posting information, and increase the efficiency of expanding your target customers.

2, pay attention to Instagram video upload

Instagram allows users to upload videos, and of course you need to make sure your videos are short and interesting, as the viewer’s attention will not last more than a minute. You can also embed Instagram videos into your website or blog, which will bring you more clicks and attention.

Tip: Instagram uploads videos for no more than 15 seconds. You need to use Hyperlapse, which is a standalone application for Instagram. It can shoot time-lapse video, compressing the video for a long time in a short period of time, so that people can experience the passage of time, such as letting you watch a complete sunset in 15 seconds.

3, use the # tag

Since people sort images by #tag, you can use this feature to tag your images for more new attention. In addition, you can find users you can follow by searching for the relevant #tag.

Hint: There can be no spaces in the ## tag after the #, such as #weddingdress, can not be written as #wedding dress.

4, respond to comments

Your followers like you to respond to their comments and comments, so after you come up with a point of view, you need to check and respond regularly during the week. After someone else follows you, you can follow them and try to connect with them on other social networking sites.

Tip: Pay attention to the objects you care about, and don’t pay attention to anyone.

5, collect pictures

Not only can your Instagram upload your own photos, but you can also encourage users to upload photos they own to your Instagram. This is a great way to attract attention and bring you more exciting pictures.

You can organize a contest and reward users who upload the best pictures.

Tip: This type of activity should pay attention to the interaction with the participants, which is what they like and an important part of your attention to this event.

6. Shape your brand

Instagram’s visual impact gives you the opportunity to do this.

For example, your company’s business is about wedding dresses, then uploading happy and happy wedding photo photos and showing others’ love for them, compared to uploading some product photos, telling the company’s story will make you gain more attention.

7, the number of statistics picture preferences

If you focus on the “like” (small heart) buttons that people click on, you can better understand your fans’ preferences.

This will not only help you decide the type of image to be released in the future, but also make a small market research for your product.

For example, publish images of two different colors of the same product. And ask your fans which one they prefer, and the one that you like more is what you should produce.

Tip: Don’t offer too many options so users won’t be able to choose the results you want.

8, the rhythm regularly update information

Just like all social media sites, insisting on regular updates is the key to success. This will let your audience know when to expect your new content.

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